Be Fearless in November

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can strike anyone at any time. While its occurrence is less frequent than acute stress response, its effects are far more enduring. Fearless Nation is US 501c3 organisation dedicated to helping and supporting those suffering from, or impacted by, PTSD.

This week, Fearless Nation is hosting a festival in Second Life aimed at raising awareness of PTSD for suffers and the families of suffers alike, and, in line with the aims of the foundation, removing the stigma associated with the illness.

The festival includes a huge range of live and music events scheduled for this week – details of which can be found on the Festival Calendar, as there really is too much going on to list here. You can also find out more about PTSD by joining-in a hunt that will continue through until the 20th November, and which features a range of gifts, or by visiting the impressive information centre, where static and video presentation boards present further information.

Fearless Nation: Oak Beach

There are also two sims of amazing artwork to be viewed through until the 30th November, and which include works by:

 – kazuhiro aridian – Rebeca Bashly –
– Gwen Carillon – Tricia Farella –
– Glyph Graves – Claudia222 Jewell
– Bryn Oh – Scottius Polke –
– Bonni Reid – Sabbian Paine –
Starax Statosky – Nicole Steen –
– Lina Stigsson – Starlash Sweetwater –
– Stephen Venkman – PJ Trenton –
– Eliza Wierwight – Trill Zapetero –

Fearless Nation: Jones Beach

The art exhibits are spread across two neighbouring sims – Jones Beach and South Side. I would add a note of caution on the sim crossings; I did find them unusually rough during both my recent visits. However, the art displays more than make up for any roughness you may experience – they are magnificent.

Fearless Nation: South Side

Truth be told, the Fearless Nation installation itself is a work of art – and hugely informative about a condition that still carries far too much stigma and which is no respector of background, profession, gender or age. It can strike at any time as a result of exposure to extremely frightening or distressing events; estimates suggest that around 5% of all men and 10% of all women suffer from PTSD at some point in their lives, and up to 40% of cases are as a result of sudden bereavement*.

So, please take the opportunity to understand more about PTSD both during the coming week and the rest of November. Should you wish, you can contribute directly to the work of Fearless Nation through one of the many donation boxes placed around the sims.

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*figures from the UK PTSD charity Talking2Minds.

Duché de Coeur: November events

Duché de Coeur enters a very busy phase in their  calendar today, with the first day-long series of events that will be held almost every weekend through November.

These promise to be a fabulous round of concerts and events held within equally fabulous venues in the Duchy’s regions. If you’ve not yet taken time to visit Duché de Coeur, I suggest you take a good look at the activities here and consider popping along; you might also like to read-up on the Duchy itself and join in with the period feel of the regions by wearing suitable attire (not a strict requirement, but a good reason for costumes or formal wear!).

Here’s a brief run-down on the concerts; as always, all times SLT:

Sunday 6th November

Friday 11th November

  • 17:00-18:00: Adevina Citron returns to perform once more as part of the Enchanted Evening series. The venue has yet to be confirmed
  • 19:00-20:00: Chris Fredrikkson will be performing at Languedoc Coeur-Beach as part of the Tunes Around Town series

Saturday 12th November

Sunday 13th November

  • 14:00-15:00: Benski Korhonen will perform at the Languedoc Coeur-Chapel as part of the Sacred Sunday series.

Sunday 20th November

Saturday 26th November

All of these events are staged by the The Académie Royal de Musique and organised by the Académie’s Director, Baharat Atlas.