New Viewer UI reaches Beta

I actually missed this at the start of the month (blame it on my birthday and work…). The new Viewer UI has taken a step closer – it’s now at Beta (3.2.1 244227), and includes all the latest revisions, including:

Interestingly, the Direct Delivery Received Items section of Inventory, that was present in the Development Viewer is not present in the Beta release (nor is it visible in the latest Development Viewer release (3.2.2 (224260)). Is this an indication that LL are heed calls from merchants not to release DD before the New Year, or that the code slipped into the earlier Development releases in error?

I’ve taken it for a quick spin, and found performance to be equitable to earlier releases, and other than the translation and Destination Guide tweaks, I’ve not come across any significant changes – but it was a quick spin.

Given the UI is now in Beta and caveating the DD situation and – more importantly – the progression of the OpenGL fixes, this could be taken to mean the UI will be in a release update sooner rather than later – although admittedly not as soon as part of me thought LL might shunt it out.

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  1. Because there is a huge group of very faithful paying SL residents who don’t speak a word of English.

    Anyway, Inara, for me the more fascinating aspect of the new UI is how you can select all the buttons and place them wherever you wish — on each of the four edges of the screens, just the icon, or a description. No sidebar, even though there are tricks to make it work again (assuming that some really liked the sidebar). The full customisation is not 100% perfect: icons get always aligned at the center of the edges, while in some cases, it might make more sense to align them top/bottom or left/right; I guess that will be for 3.3. Still, 3.2 is the UI that 3.0 ought to have been to justify the move from 2 to 3! It slowly starts becoming something useful, after over 18 months since SL 2 was released. And no, 1.X die-hards will be disappointed: 3.2 doesn’t look “more like 1.X” but it definitely moves away from the cumbersomeness of 2.X. For me personally the only issue is how long it takes for the built-in web browser to load profiles, search options, and so forth. I never understood why it takes so much time and why nobody at LL notices it, although I have some theories about that 🙂

    As for performance, my own experience with 3.2.1 is that the same settings give me perhaps 1/4th to 1/5th of the performance of the stable version. A friend of mine reports the same drop in FPS, and he claims it’s not unusual for early development versions not to be as fine-tuned in performance as a released stable version (LL most likely turns on more debug settings).

    3.2.2, the current interation of the development viewer, seems to fare much better! On a busy sim (a shop full of textures), performance in terms of FPS was about half. Still not perfect — still a long way to go! — but definitely much better than 3.2.1.


    1. The buttons are already a source of debate. When I previewed the new UI, there were a lot of comments on Twitter relating to the preferable use oif customisable pull-down menus / floaters, with the ability to group actions by sub-group / activity being preferable to individual buttons, others actually stated they’d prefer to just see the buttons in one place and have done with it!

      I’m a huge fan of what has been delivered – but I think it could go a little further – I’ll probably be blogging about this later today!

      I do like the fact the buttons can be moved – to me, again as observed during my first look – is the fact that I see no reason why this shouldn’t overcome the “It’s not V1.x!” anger – those that want something particularly V1-like can set their buttons exactly as they have them in V1, and position the chat bar over them – problem solved! Of course , there is still the issue of general look and things like menus to re-learn (something the Firestorm team have tackled *brilliantly* in their upcoming release).

      I couldn’t test overall performance of 3.2.2 yesterday with any degree of confidence – I was actually experiencing severe SL issues in whatever Viewer I was using when having at look at things yesterday afternoon. I will say that I found 3.2.1 Dev Viewer with the UI performance “cruddy” when driving it last month; my look this time was more focused on comparing / contrasting the Beta 3.2.1 with the UI against the Dev Viewer 3.2.2 to see if there was any changes in terms of UI look / feel / functionality – and even then, time didn’t allow me to drive down every menu….I’ll save that for a proper test-drive (if warranted) later.


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