October blog round-up

October has been another amazing month for this blog. Here are the top 15 posts for the month, listed in order of most read:

The last three months have been especially mind-boggling for me – thank you to all of you who have expressed support and appreciation for this blog both through comments and via in-world IMs, e-mails, etc, and to all of you who have taken the time to comment on the various articles and posts. Your feedback and input, and the fact you do take the time to read this blog is sincerely appreciated. Thanks to, for those who have given their time and had me worrying them with questions or pestering them in other ways.

6 thoughts on “October blog round-up

  1. Yeah! Ditto to what Daniel said. I get a lot of my news about SL directly from you. Also, you explain things well. (Mesh was just an irritating word before I read your posts on it.)


  2. Inara, yours has become one of a select few websites which my company uses to keep up on what is “really” going on with SL. Keep up the great work!


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