SpotON3D to host content creator’s workshop – in SL

This weekend will see SpotON3D, who have been the source of much controversy around patent issues of late are holding a 3-day exposition this weekend at their sim in Second Life.

The aim of the weekend is to enable people to: “Learn more about our products and services, on how to expand your business to SpotON3D, the SpotON3D Developer Program and much more!”

Schedule of Events

The weekend’s programme is as follows (all times SLT):

FRIDAY – August 19th, 2011

  • 11:00: CCEXPO INTRODUCTION with Tessa Harrington
  • 12:00: SpotON3D’s GEEKSPEAK: Ask the SpotON3D TechTeam Your Questions
  • 13:00: Developer Discussion Group with Philippe Pascal
  • 14:00: Concurrency: Should the number of users be your sole reason for expanding?
  • 15:00: Scotty Bevill of Bevill Edge®
  • 16:00: Music
  • 17:00: SpotON3D ‘s Patent Pending Plug-in: Is it a threat or a benefit?

SATURDAY – August 20th, 2011

  • 11:00: CCEXPO INTRODUCTION by Tessa Harrington:
  • 12:00: Reserved
  • 13:00: Amleth McCallen performing
  • 14:00: Vardasilver Spearsong about RP
  • 15:00: SpotON3D Office Hours
  • 16:00: Sunny Salamander, SpotON3D Chief Developer, Business Tools : HOTSWAP
  • 17:00: AgileBill Firehawk/ AgileBill Krebs –

SUNDAY – August 21th, 2011

  • 11:00: CCEXPO INTRODUCTION by Tessa Harrington
  • 12:00: SpotON3D Chief Developer – Business Tools :: BoostCLOUD Severs
  • 13:00: Lesley Scope aka Light Sequent :: Cybergogy for a 3D Educational
  • 14:00: Maxmillion Kleene performing
  • 15:00: Phoenix DaVinci – What I like to create: HotSwap Scenes?
  • 16:00: GridWrap – Hosted by Tessa Harrington & Wildfire/Raine Morgwain, Guest Sandy Adams.
  • 17:00: Wildfire Morgwain – Virtual Entertainment- The Next Great Cinematic Frontier?

Patent Discussions

Most interestingly, SpotON3D have decided to open part of the event to discussions around their move to patent the wrapper they’ve developed to present the Viewer thro popular web browsers. This is scheduled for Friday at 17:00 SLT.

In all, SpotON3D has filed five patents for technology linked to their Virtual World offering, although it is the wrapper patent that has so far gained the widest coverage, and it is this that appears to be the focus of the discussion planned for Friday.

The company have already attempted to hold one discussion around their actions, but this didn’t go very well, as Maria Korolov reported at the time. Whether this attempt is any more or less successful is open to question; but at least it is leaning a little more towards “neutral ground”. The last meeting was boycotted for a number of reasons – one being it was held on SpotON3D’s own grid. Given this meeting is still going to be held on SpotON3D’s own region (SLurl) in SL, it remains to be seen as to whether it is regarded as “neutral” enough. The other aspect of the discussion is, of course, just how open the SpotON3D folks are prepared to be in relation to their patents; on the strength of their last meeting, some observers might be prone to say, “not very”.

For more information on the expo, see:

(With thanks to Maria Korolov)