Exploring Mullein Woods in Second Life

Mullein Woods, November 2022 – click any image for full size

Emm Vintner  (Emmalee Evergarden) has opened a new parcel under her Nature Collective group. Entitled Mullein Woods, it directly adjoin her What The Buzz  setting, which I originally wrote about in Making a beeline for WTB in Second Life. Together they offer a double-header of settings.

Still located in Heterocera, both regions offer a pleasant visit. What The Buzz retains its interactive nature as a bee preserve, albeit on a smaller scale to the setting I explored in May of 2022, offering the opportunity to learn about bees and their importance to the ecosystem.  It sit directly to the west of Mullein Forest, seamlessly joining with it thanks to the shared narrow-gauge railway.

Mullein Woods, November 2022
Discover the quiet wild of Mullein Woods. Get lost among the trees and explore nature as it was meant to be – natural, alive and full of wonder and beauty. Explore by foot or by train – on the path or off the beaten path. By the Nature Collective!

Mullein Woods About Land

Mullein Woods, November 2022

Located alongside Route 3.5, Mullein Woods offers a gentle spot of some 6,600 square metres to explore, the aforementioned narrow-gauge railway circling it and running between it and What the Buzz, and serving the two stations that lie along it – the first for the woods themselves, the second for What the Buzz.

Mullein Woods, November 2022

The Mullein Wood station offers an introduction to the location and to the Great Little Railways of Second Life  -some of which I’ve also covered in these pages (see here and here).

The setting itself is easy to explore, being small enough to cover easily on foot,  with numerous opportunities for photography. However, rather than ramble on about it here – I’ll leave it to you to find out via a visit to the Woods and What the Buzz! – Just keep an eye out for the local critters and creatures! 🙂 .

Mullein Woods, November 2022


Mullein Woods, November 2022

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Mullein is rated Moderate


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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit and that you come back and visit more. I do have plans in the future to expand What the Buzz again, but I’m glad that it seems to work where it is for now. Thank you for the wonderful write-up and for all that you to help people find all of these amazing places in Second Life!


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