2022 SUG meetings week #46 summary

Mousehole, September 2022 – blog post

The following notes were taken from the Tuesday, November 15th, 2022 Simulator User Group (SUG) meeting. They form a summary of the items discussed and is not intended to be a full transcript. A video of the entire meeting is embedded at the end of the article for those wishing to review the meeting in full – my thanks to Pantera for recording it.

Server Deployments

At the time of writing, a server deployment thread had yet to be published.

  • On Tuesday, November 15th, the Main SLS and Events channels were updated with simulator version 576376, making the new Linkset Data capability grid-wide.
  • On Wednesday, November 16th, the simhosts on the RC channels should receive a new simulator update, this one containing a single fix designed to keep regions from running out of voice connections (BUG-229984 “Voice chat is not working” and BUG-7371 “Voice cannot connect”).

Linkset Data (LSD) – Brief Notes

  • Linkset Data is a new collection of script functions and one optional event that reads and writes key-value-pairs to a small 64kb table of data that is part of a root object.
  • It works similarly to Experience Key-Value store, but:
    • It does not require an underpinning experience – the data lives with the object that sends and receives the data.
    • Only scripts in the same linkset will be able to read the data written with this feature.
  • Further information on LSD can be found in Linkset Data (LSD) – a new feature for Second Life by NeoBokrug Elytis  in this blog.

Upcoming Simulator Releases

The run of simulator updates through to the new year will likely comprise:

  • Link sounds will most likely the last roll of the year (this should behave exactly as though you had a script in the linked prim and called llPlaySound from that prim).
  • llGetSimStats updates are liable to be the first update of 2023.
  • llHTTPRequest updates (see below) will likely follow later in January 2023.
  • LSDFindKeys sorting updates will most likely be fixed in the first simulator maintenance release for next year.

Available Official Viewers

  • The Maintenance P (Preferences, Position and Paste) RC viewer updated to version on Monday, November 14th.

All other official viewer remain as follows:

  • Release viewer: version – MFA and TOS hotfix viewer – November 1.
  • Release channel cohorts:
    • VS  2022 RC viewer, version, issued November 4 – utilises Visual Studio 2022 in the Windows build tool chain.
  • Project viewers:
    • PBR Materials project viewer, version, issued on November 3.
      • This viewer will only function on the following Aditi (beta grid) regions: Materials1; Materials Adult and Rumpus Room 1 through 4.
      • There are unconfirmed reports that GPUs are running noticeably hotter with this viewer than other viewer.
    • Puppetry project viewer, version,  issued on October 12.
    • Performance Floater / Auto-FPS project viewer, version, October 4.
    • Love Me Render (LMR) 6 graphics improvements project viewer, July 21.

llHTTPRequest Updates

Rider Linden is proposing changing the way we do accounting for CUSTOM_HEADERS.

  • Currently, headers of no longer than 253 bytes each are allowed.
  • Rider plans on changing this so that as many headers, each as long as is required, can be stored, to a maximum of 4096 bytes.
  • This is in recognition that there are a number of applications that require security headers which can blow through that 256 byte limit.

In Brief

  • BUG-232037 “Avatar Online / Offline Status Not Correctly Updating” – this is unlikely to be addressed until 2023, as the remaining simulator update slots for 2022 now have updates assigned to them.
  • BUG-232918 “Adding Friend will make all other friends appear offline”  – this is newly reported bug, and should be kept in mind if experiencing issues with your Friends list.
  • BUG-227303 “collisions makes a script stop running and revert its mono status” opened in 2019, was raised, but has yet to be deeply investigated by LL.
  • The meeting included  a further discussion on LSDListKeys and LSDFindKeys (e.g. negative index support). Please refer to the video below for this and the rest of the meeting.