An Endless Graveyard in Second Life

The Endless Graveyard, February 2022 – click any image for full size

For those who are missing the likes of Halloween and ideas of the spirits that might lie beyond the the veil of death and / or dark magiks, then a visit to The Endless Graveyard might be just the ticket.

Occupying a Full private region making use of the LI bonus, it is a setting designed by Lady Death Valiant (Death Ravenhurst) that presents quite the adventure / opportunity for exploration., with multiple levels and locations lying within its boundaries. Visits commence close to the ground level, where sits the the landing point – and an invitation.

The Endless Graveyard, February 2022
A forest in Sweden that exists at the edge of the land of the living. Can you find the hidden doorway to the realm of the dead?

The Endless Graveyard About Land

The first thing to note about the setting is that – as per the notices at the landing point – this is an environment which uses dedicated EEP settings throughout, and for the fullest appreciation of the region and these settings, it is best to set the viewer to Use Shared Environment (menu → World → Environment), and to make sure Advanced Lighting Model (ALM) is enabled (Preferences → Graphics). The notice at the landing point suggests Shadows should also be enabled, but I’d leave this to a matter of choice and your system.

The Endless Graveyard, February 2022

Beyond the landing point is the Forest of the Veil, a cold, snowbound setting (which is appropriate, given we’re in the wilds of Sweden). Here and there, braziers light the way, while a cold light, seeming to descend from an aurora-like sky, pieces foliage and lights grassy trails. The latter wind around the semi-rugged landscape, leading to various points of interest – a small lake fed by waterfalls and lit by lanterns, a farm ostensibly producing milk caught within the eerie glow of light and mist, a lonely cabin, and more besides.

And, for those who find it, the ruins of a church, and the start of the journey through the realm of the dead. Triggered by the acceptance of a region experience, this will carry visitors to a land similar to that of the ground level, but which sits in darkness and free from snow. Here the church stands intact, although it is not a place given to the glory of God.

The Endless Graveyard, February 2022

Outside, tracks again curl through the landscape, leading the way to a graveyard and a music hang out, or onward to a castle that sits atop a high plateau or over a hill to the River Styx – complete with a ferryman waiting (and who left me with the words of the Chris de Burgh song echoing in my head).

To be honest, it’s here that I admit to getting a little confused; on finding my way to the high castle, I entered it and got growled at by a security orb – although as nothing actually happened, I continued exploring unsure as to whether the castle was supposed to be public access or not. I’m hoping that it is, as it is an intriguing mix of furnished rooms and teleport doors and portals that lead to additional rooms and spaces at different levels within the region, all of which offer their own secrets and portals the lead to further locations when discovered, all of which added further depth to the setting.

The Endless Graveyard, February 2022

Similarly, across the river lies a further building – the actual gateway to death’s realm (I think). Again I was a little confused by it, but once inside, I found a further teleport portal lead me on to a series of chambers connected by tunnels and snaked and curled from point-to-point, offering still more opportunities for exploration.

Rich in detail, and  – assuming the castle is open to exploration -with plenty to see and discover, The Endless Graveyard is a dark (literally and figuratively!) place worthy of exploration – particularly if the likes of witchcraft, the  realm of death and mystery are your thing.

The Endless Graveyard, February 2022

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