Samaniego Art in Second Life

UASL: Samaniego Art

Opening on November 12th at a gallery space provided by the United Artists of Second Life is a fascinating and highly engaging exhibition that offers a small insight into the work of two artists from the physical world whose work is simply remarkable.

Presented by Bijoux (BijouxBarr – herself an artist), Samaniego Art is a collection of paintings by her mother and grandmother, which is being presented in Second Life with the artists’ full permission. The art on offer is primarily presented as digital prints of watercolours that art startling in their realism and accuracy whilst simultaneously presenting the journeys of the artists to the Middle East and within their home country, and starling life studies.

Most of the images are offered in pairs in around the gallery that have clearly be set out as such, allowing us to visit Manila and witness the beauty of its architecture (San Agustin Church and the El Hogar Building) or appreciate a more distant view of the city’s skyline before travelling onwards to enjoy the pools of the Estrella Falls on the island of Palawan and / or further afield to explore the streets of old Jaffa (Yafa) in Tel Aviv, Israel.

UASL: Samaniego Art

Also to be found are the vibrant richness of life studies that bring the power of dance, the serenity of a lake and the beauty of a bird to life, while rounding out the exhibition is a selection of oil paintings, one paired with the bird the other three hanging together as a eye-catching trio among a hall of eye-catching pieces that carry with them a depth of realism that is genuinely exquisite.

Drawing on a variety of influences such as the great Romantic painter Joseph Mallord William Turner through to modern artists such as Andrew Tischler, these are pieces that will genuinely grace any Second Life home. In this regard, while the pieces at UASL are not offered for sale, prints can be obtained via the Samaniego Art Gallery at Campbell Coast.

UASL: Samaniego Art

The UASL exhibition formally opens at 11:00 SLT  on Friday, November 12th, with music by Bsukmet.

My thanks to Owl Dragonash for the hat-trip.

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