Mareea’s Summer Vibes in Second Life

Mareea’s Summer Vibes at Eulennest Art Gallery
Summer Vibes is the title of an exhibition of art by Mareea Farrasco that is open through until the start of October 2021 at the Eulennest Gallery, and which I dropped into over the weekend.

Mareea is both the owner / curator of IMAGO Land and the IMAGO Land Gallery, and she is also an accomplished art in Second Life, producing both landscape images and avatar studies with a deft hand and eye for detail. As the name might suggest, Summer Vibes is a selection of Mareea’s art focused on summer scenes.

Mareea’s Summer Vibes at Eulennest Art Gallery

Created in Second Life, the 14 images presented at Eulennest present summertime scenes, many with a coastal theme, and all of which have a strong focus on nature and flowers. Most of the pieces are finished as watercolours, their tone light and airy, reflective of the scenes they present, with some also finished in colour choices that give them a captivating, dream-like quality  – take Lavender Sky and Oblivion… as examples of the latter.

One of the things I love about Mareea’s is the manner in which she brings the sky to life. Whilst summer days can have clear blue skies, and remain bright under white rivers of clouds, so too can the summer sky carry with it the omens of weather to come. These are aspects that Mareea perfectly captures  – again, take On the Beach, Enjoying the Moment and Beach Grass; each offers a summer scene, time on the beach, the opportunity to relax on a wooden pier – but the sky of each has a brooding presence, the hint or promise that as the day draws to a close, so might the weather be on the change.

Mareea’s Summer Vibes at Eulennest Art Gallery

It is this breath of life, of familiarity in her scenes that makes Mareea’s art instantly attractive, and this is added to by the décor Mareea has added to the gallery space, the flowers inviting us further into summertime as this blend with her images to present a sense of presence as you explore the art.

An engaging and delightful exhibition, well worth visiting.

Mareea’s Summer Vibes at Eulennest Art Gallery


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