SL17B: your pocket guide to the celebrations

SL17B Welcome Area

Note: for convenience, all SLurls to core SL17B event spaces and Shop and Hop can be found at the end of this article.

Second Life marks its 17th anniversary in 2020, with a week-long celebration of music, entertainment, art and more across 23 regions, seven of which are given over to exhibits from Second Life residents and through the companion Shop and Hop event.

Events officially kick-off on Friday, June 19th, with the full opening of the SL17B regions, where celebrations will start with the SL17B Music Fest, and the Shop & Hop event. However, members of the Second Life Birthday in-world group can access the SL17B regions from Thursday, June 18th.

The following is intended to offer an overview to the main SL17B regions, including SLurls to core locations, and offer an overview to some of the events.

SL17B Teleport board – available in the celebration regions

Fifteen of the regions are (or will be) given over to the main celebratory facilities, with seven more devoted to resident exhibitions. The main facilities comprise:

  • The Auditorium – where you’ll be able to attend (among other activities) the Meet the Lindens sessions (more below).
  • The Welcome Area – pick up your Linden gift and free Swaginator HUD to seek and find unique gifts scattered across the SL17B regions.
  • The Main Stage – focal point for the SL17B Music Fest.
  • The DJ Stage.

The Auditorium and Main Stage each have three landing points apiece, and the DJ has two – again, all SLurls can be found at the end of this piece.

In addition, the core facilities also include:

  • The Tapestry of Time exhibition – more below.
  • The Gift Area fun fair: grab an assortment of gifts and ride the rides – again, more below.
  • The Dinosaur Park and the tram ride.
  • The drive-in theatre, showing official SL videos.
  • The beach and cove: sunbathe or take a swim – and maybe try some scuba diving

The best way of getting around is via the Teleport Maps, one of which is shown on the right. These can be found throughout the regions as sign boards, and the SLurls to the event regions given at the end of this article will generally land you close to one of them. Just click on an individual panel to be teleported to that location.

The theme for this year’s celebrations is “Road Trips and Vacations” – although the Lab have made it clear that exhibitors do not have to keep strictly to that theme; it is the participation that’s important. Many have, however, attempted to offer a reflection of the theme in some manner, either directly in layout and content, or through more subtle touches – Bay City Alliance, for example, offer the opportunity to discover more about their leading members within a bus station.

As is common for SLB events, the mix of content is varied, and the representation of interests broad. Role-play groups, arts, communities, are represented across the seven regions open to exhibitors; some are static, others are interactive in nature. Social and support groups like Survivors of Suicide, together with social events such as 1 Billion Rising, whilst some offer social commentary.

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Events and Activities

In terms of major events, what does SL17B hold? Well, the best way the stay abreast of all that’s going on is via the official calendar of events, which I’ve embedded below. Use the Week / Month options, top right to change the calendar view. Major events are also summarised below the calendar.

Meet the Lindens

Now a staple of SLB activities, Meet the Lindens features the opportunity to listen to and ask questions of, employees of Linden Lab at 14:00 SLT, Monday 22nd June through Friday, 26th June at the SL17B Auditorium.

You can find out more about who is taking part this year in my blog post, Meet the Lindens at SL17B – who and when, however, the schedule for the sessions is given below for ease of reference.

Day (14:00 – 16:00 SLT) Lindens
Monday 22nd June Ebbe Linden (Altberg), Linden Lab CEO
Tuesday 23rd June Patch Linden, Vice President of Programme Operations
Wednesday 24th, June Oz Linden, Vice President of Second Life Engineering
Thursday 25th June The Marketing Team
Friday 26th June Meet the Moles!

In addition, you can learn more about staff at Linden Lab by following the the SL17B Employee Social Media Campaign available on the forums and through outlets such as the official Second Life Twitter account

SL17B Music Fest

The SL17B Music Fest will take place on Friday and Saturday June 19th/20th at the Main Stage. The line-up of performers is:

Time Friday, June 19th
Saturday, June 20th
09:00 Oblee (Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth)
10:00 F L Y (Flyqueen)
11:00 Opening Ceremony: Patch Linden Seli Blackmore (Illdoran Nightfire)
12:00 Mankind Tracer (Seth Regan) Shagpile Spyker
13:00 Winter Mimi Carpenter
14:00 Nina Setner Rogue Galaxy
15:00 Joaquin Gustav Effinjay (Jaycatt Nico & Frogg Marlow)
16:00 Marqs DeSade Melly Faith (MellyFaith Heartsong)
17:00 SaraMarie Philly Dude
18:00 Edward Kyomoon (Donn DeVore) Gabriel da Silva Namir (Gabryel Nyoki)
19:00 Agatha (Agatha Nowles) Skye Galaxy
20:00 Erin Frog & Satin Galli
21:00 Ry Anne (Oxoryanneoxo)

Other Points of Interest

The Tapestry of Time

First presented in 2018, the region-wide Tapestry of Time presents visitor with a walk-through of Second Life’s history from 2003 through to the present day using images, text and videos. True, not everything has been recorded, but there’s enough within the region to be of interest to the historically minded.

The Gifting Area Fun Fair

The SL17B Gifting Area offers over 150 gifts from the Birthday exhibitors and from merchants participating in the Shop & Hop event. Gifts include several exclusive breedables and other commemorative pieces to celebrate Second Life turning 17!

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Linden Homes Preview Region

Once again, the Second Life Birthday celebration will include a special preview of the next Linden Homes theme that will be released by the Lab. A teaser image from Patch Linden to his Flickr stream has set off a lot of speculation in the Linden Homes forum thread on whether the new theme is something like beach houses or a refresh of / addition to the original Traditional Homes theme released in the first batch of the Bellisseria Linden Homes.

Patch will only say people should await his Meet the Lindens session on Tuesday, June 23rd for more – at which point the new preview region will be dropped into the SL17B estate – and I’ll obviously have a report!

SL17B Shop & Hop

As well as the SL17B celebratory regions, there’s also the Shop & Hop event. Opening on June 19th and running through until July 12th, 2020, it takes place in the familiar Second Life shopping event mall. For SL17B, Shop & Hop covers 10 shopping regions, each with 20 stores per region, making for a total of 200 merchants in all. Each merchant will have at least a 20% discount on all items, and some will have a gift people can pick up for free either at their Sop & Hop store or at the SL17B Gifting Area fun fair.

Refer to the complete list of participating merchants for more – including store SLurls!

Advice On A Better Experience

The SL17B regions – celebratory and Shop & Hop can get exceptionally busy. To help ease the pain for you:

  • If you have a high draw distance, reduce it to 128m (or less if required).
  • Turn off shadows in your viewer if you usually have them enabled.
  • Go to Preferences → Graphics and reduce the slider Max # Non-Imposter Avatars to a minimum.
  • Remove texture-heavy HUDs to free-up more texture memory.
  • To assist the simulator, remove unnecessary scripted attachments.
  • If you are using Firestorm and still encountering issues, try going to Preferences Graphics → Rendering and:
    • If you are running a 64-bit version of the viewer, make sure Restrict Maximum Texture Resolution to 512px (will require a viewer restart).
    • Use the Max Texture Quality Level drop-down to set texture rendering quality to Mid.

SLurls and Links

SLurls will be available to members of the Second Life Birthday group on Thursday, June 18th, and to all Second Life residents from 09:00 SLT on Friday, June 19th.

Core SLurls Exhibitor SLurls
Shop & Hop SLurls
Welcome Area SL17B Astonish Shop & Hop Destination Guide
Auditorium #1 SL17B Captivate Aurelian
Auditorium #2 SL17B Electrify Frosted
Auditorium #3 SL17B Incredible Gilded
Main Stage #1 SL17B Pizzazz Gleaming
Main Stage #2 SL17B Sparkle Golden
Main Stage #3 SL17B Stunning Halcyon
DJ Stage #1 Jubilant
DJ Stage #2 Meet the Lindens Destination Guide Snowflake
Gift Area Sugarplum
Pod Tours Tinseled
Tapestry of Time Participating Merchants



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    1. By “free homes” I assume you mean the Linden Homes that are being previewed at SL17B Enchant, and which were revealed on Tuesday, June 23rd.

      These are optional houses that are offered to users who take out a Premium subscription to Second Life, as a part of their benefits package. You can read more about these house in general via my Linden Homes tag, and about the houses displayed at SL17B by clicking here.


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