Second Life: looking at the new Linden Homes Stilt theme

The new linden Stilt Homes (r-l) Tortuga, Havana and 2-storey Lauderdale

On Tuesday, June 23rd, while speaking at the SL17B Meet the Lindens event, Patch Linden announced the next theme of Linden Home that is being lined up for release: Stilt Homes, designed to be placed in coastal setting, their stilts allowing them to sit on land, over water or between the two.

Once available – the new houses are currently only available for preview at SL17B – will again come in four styles, and will occupy 1024 sq m parcels. When they are released, they will become the sixth type of new Linden Homes to be made available over the last 18 months, with two further themes already in preparation.

The new theme is … stilt homes. They take their inspiration from south-eastern US geographical areas that basically are Floridian shore-side stilt home communities that tend to pop-in in low-lying and potentially even hurricane prone areas. Generally, they’re fairly brightly coloured; they have fairly good-sized open concept floor designs, and we’re going to offer them in three different variants. There will be an over water variant of the home, a partial version of the home that could rest over land and water. and there will be an inland version of the home, all on stilts no matter what because – you know – when the hurricane comes though you certainly don’t want to be on the ground when the flooding happens!

– Patch Linden, SL17B, describing the new Linden Home theme

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The new theme comprises the following styles of home:

The Lauderdale: a two-floor unit with two large down stairs rooms, open with front door opening to a full length front porch with roof over, and sliding doors to the rear opening to a rear deck-come-dock. Central stairs lead up to an enclosed landing area with bedrooms either side, one with views to the front and rear, and the other with views to the front and side and sliding doors to a large verandah with roof over at the rear of the house.

The Havana: is single-storey 3-roomed, cross-shaped house with central front-to-back room providing access to front covered porch and rear covered deck. One side room also offers access to the deck-come-dock, and with windows to front and side aspect. Remaining room has windows to front, rear and side aspects.

The Santiago: a two-storey house with ½-porch with verandah over to the front, and an open-plan ground floor presenting space for two rooms, the larger of which has a bay window to the front and sliding doors to the rear opening onto full length deck, sans dock. A dog-leg staircase leads up to a central landing with sliding doors to the front verandah, and two bedrooms. The first bedroom is a full front-to back room with windows to the front and rear. The second bedroom has windows to the front bay and side aspect, and sliding doors serving a rear private verandah.

The Tortuga: a single-storey house with offset main room to one side with front door to a small covered front porch and sliding doors to the rear deck-come-dock. A second room, also with access to the deck / dock opens off of this, together with windows to the rear / side aspect. A small room sits to the front of the house with windows to the front aspect.

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The theme itself has been a lot of fun to design and develop. We took a lot of plant life from that area and created it to be true to that geographical zone of the United States as well as varying out transportation capabilities between road and dock as well as waterway and such. And the thing I’m particularly excited about is that the home that are over water will marry up to and against regions that are also specific to houseboats. So this is going to give us a new ability to segue from area to area between the stilt homes portions of the continents to also adding on more houseboat regions out and around these continent sections that we’re planning on putting out. 

– Patch Linden, SL17B

A view of an “inland” group of Stilt Homes – Santiago to the left, Lauderdale centre

All four styles of home look like they can be used over land or water; those over land appear to have steps down to the ground from the front porch, with perhaps room to squeeze a car under them. As Patch notes the landscaping is tropical coastal and modelled on that of Florida. The houses with water parcels are either connected by sun washed board walks back to dry land and which can also provide social spaces, or – at least in the demo region – sit entirely surrounded by water, which is an interesting approach.

There is something of the Traditional Homes look to these stilt homes, so much so, that with a casual initial glance, you might be forgiven for thinking that they are “traditional homes on legs”. However, once examined, it becomes clear this similarity is more passing than anything else; something that gives these houses something of a hook into past Linden Homes designs whilst also  – thanks to the large deck spaces and mix of land / water locations – being something completely unique.

The “offshore” Stilt Homes at the SL17B preview region – Havana in the foreground, and Lauderdale towards the centre

Given there desk and docks, the theme also appears to have the largest general footprint of the Linden Home released to date, which might cause problems for those wishing to moor a large type of boat alongside one. Even so, I have to admit that this is the first theme that – once available – might tempt me into giving up my houseboat and trying to snag one that sits in its own “offshore” parcel. Although that said, it would be nice to see a theme that isn’t another aspect of Americana – the rest of the world has house styles to offer, after all!

SLurl to Preview Region

(only available while the SL17B regions are live)


11 thoughts on “Second Life: looking at the new Linden Homes Stilt theme

  1. Oooh, there is going to be a feeding frenzy on this theme when they are released. I might even try for one myself. Should I decide to forgo my Victorian home, that is. I have an idea for my Victorian home though. I type of museum.

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  2. Your last sentence is a point very well made. As an Australian who has travelled the world and loves the multicultural aspects of both RL and SL; I’d love also love to see home themes/styles that are representational of other countries/cultures.

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  3. I love my Bellisseria home and have no doubt the new continent is a good way forward but while Mainland in all its anarchy was culturally neutral, the Lindens (steeped in US culture as they are) will need to make a real effort for “SL with urban planning” to feel quite so open. Patch seems to be building what he could see from his family’s deck growing up. Self-indulgent much?

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  4. Perhaps the lindens should be more concerned about scamming businesses such as (Cain weapons) instead of new home designs, it’s becoming very apparent why the numbers in SL have steadily dropped so considerably since 06′ !


    1. “Considerably” being relative. At its peak (around 2007-08) SL had around 1.1 monthly active users. That fell over time to around the 700-750,000 mark in 2018/19. Currently, figures suggest the number has risen to 850,000-900,000. A good portion of this is likely down to the level of interest being shown in the platform due to SARS-CoV-2, but LL had also started attempts to ratchet up new user engagement and retention well before the pandemic, so this has also (hopefully) also contributed to some of the growth.


  5. I have been in SL for about 4 years. Hate my house in the old Vindaloo area. How can I keep my same account and get a newer home in a more active area? I’m not interested in real estate rentals which always show up in searches.


    1. Keeping things simple:

      Basic account users can rent land from any of the Second Life “realtors” operating in-world. These off a wide range of rental property options, both on private regions (or estates) and the Mainland, both on the ground and / or in skyboxes. Rental fees vary according to parcel size / type of unit rented, and are usually applied in L$ paid through a rent box – so long as you pay the rent when due, then the property is yours for as long as you want it – but you do not actually “own” the land.

      Basic account users can also upgrade their account to Premium, and then available themselves of “free” land tier of 1024 sq m, which can be used in various ways (e.g. for a private home), or they can opt to obtain a Linden Home.

      Premium users can also, if they wish, opt to rent “private” land, as described above, in addition to having their “free” tier / Linden Home.

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  6. I am wondering what the 6 types of new homes in the past 18 months are…I know of: Traditional, Victorian, Campers & Houseboats.


    1. The run has been: Traditional + Houseboats (2 types), Trailers + Campers (classified as 2 types by LL on account of their different sizes & in having 4 styles apiece, like the other Homes – although arguably, they could be regarded as just a single type as they provisioned from the same rezzer); Victorian Homes, and most recently, Log Homes. So six types in all, each with 4 styles for users to choose from


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