2020 Simulator User Group week #24 summary

Hotel Del Salto – blog post

The following notes were taken at the Simulator User Group meeting held on Tuesday, June 9th.

Simulator Deployments

At the time of writing there were no formal simulator release notes, however:

  • There was no deployment to the main SLS channel on Tuesday, June 9th.
  • On Wednesday, June 10th, the same RC deployment will be rolled to all of the simulator RC channels. This comprises:
    • A minor script constant fix (CLICK_ACTION_ZOOM and CLICK_ACTION_DISABLED were missing).
    • The chat range changes for channel 0.

Voice Carry Project

Voices Carry is the name given to the extended chat range project. Once available, it will allow region / estate owners / managers to set the open chat range on a region (see BUG-228333). When considering it, the following points should be kept in mind:

  • It only applies to local chat channel 0, and so it should not impact scripted objects using other chat channels.
  • The distance set within a region will determine which, if any, of any adjoining regions can her local chat with that region.
    • For example, if you are in a region with chat distance set to 50m and you’re more than 50m from any boundary with an adjoining region, then your chat will not be relayed beyond the region.
  • The distance chat is set to within a region will determine how far any chat from an adjoining region will be relayed within it.
    • For example: if a region has a chat range of 20m, and chat is relayed from a neighbouring region with a range of 100m, that chat will only be relayed 20m within the current region.
  • No matter how great the chat range is set within an region, it will never be relayed further than those immediately adjoining it.
    • For example: if a Mainland region has a chat range set to 1000m, chat from it will only be relayed to the (maximum of) 8 regions adjoining it.

SL Viewer

There have been no updates to the official viewers to mark the start of the week, leaving the current viewers as follows:

  • Current Release viewer version,, dated May 29th, promoted June 2nd, formerly the FMOD Studio RC viewer – NEW.
  • Release channel cohorts:
    • Tools Update RC viewer, version, June 5 – this viewer is built using VS 2017 / a recent version of Xcode, and Boost.Fiber. It contains no user-facing changes.
    • Love Me Render RC viewer, version, June 3.
    • CEF RC viewer, version, issued May 27.
  • Project viewers:
    • Mesh uploader project viewer, version, June 3.
    • Copy / Paste viewer, version, December 9, 2019.
    • Project Muscadine (Animesh follow-on) project viewer, version, November 22, 2019.
    • Legacy Profiles viewer, version, September 17, 2019. Covers the re-integration of Viewer Profiles.
    • 360 Snapshot project viewer, version, July 16, 2019.


Glastonbury comes to Sansar for 2020

The Glastonbury Shangri-La Gas Tower in Sansar. Courtesy of Lost Horizon

Those who attend the annual Glastonbury Festival in England are likely aware that the SARS-CoV 2 pandemic has caused this year’s event to be cancelled in the physical world. Nevertheless, one part of it will be going ahead within the virtual realm – and the venue for it will be Sansar.

The team behind Glastonbury’s night-time activities  – called Glastonbury Shangri-La – have teamed up with Wookey Technologies and VRJAM to stage a two-day virtual festival on Friday, July 3rd and Saturday, July 4th. The virtual event, called Lost Horizon, will take place across four purpose-built stages in Sansar. More than 50 music acts including DJs Peggy Gou, Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox and Pete Tong will play during the daily 12-hour sessions. In addition, the festival will also feature more than 200 visual art pieces, curated by the ShangrilART group on the theme of human connection.

As well as being available directly through Sansar as a ticketed event – those wishing to attend can get their free ticket via the Sansar website – Lost Horizon will also be streamed via You Tube, Twitch, Beatport and other platforms, will be viewable on a mobile app (to be made available from June 26th, 2020), and sets will be broadcast via radio.

Another view of the Gas Tower stage in Sansar, courtesy of Lost Horizon

The stages for the virtual event include Glastonbury Shangri-La’s famous Gas Tower, the focal point for event activities in the physical world. It will feature the likes of Fatboy Slim, and tech-house Ibiza favourites Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler. Alongside of it, the Freedom stage will feature Frank Turner, Alabama 3 and Coldcut. You can see the full line-up of acts on the Lost Horizon website, while the ShiTV stage will include films, documentaries, theatre, live art, comedy, animation and talks.

Glastonbury Shangri-La first took place in 2008. Over the years it has grown and evolved, offering those attending Glastonbury a rich mix of music and art in “after hours” sessions that take place overnight when the “main” sets have all finished.

With its roots deep in contemporary music, art and activism, Shangri-La has established itself as a legendary field in UK festival culture, engaging a truly dynamic community of artists, builders, and revolutionary creators and known for showcasing the latest “off main stage” acts.

– Lost Horizon, Glastonbury Shangri-La

Glastonbury Shangi-La Shitv stage in Sansar, courtesy of Lost Horizon

Glastonbury Shangri-La Creative director Kaye Dunnings conceived the idea for Lost Horizon shortly after the decision was made to cancel the physical world Glastonbury Festival in March 2020. Whilst the event is virtual, Dunnings hopes the same sense of activism that permeates the physical world event will filter through into the virtual as well.

While tickets to the event are free, attendees will be encouraged to donate to The Big Issue, the world’s most widely circulated street newspaper, raising money to offer homeless people / those at risk of homelessness, the opportunity to earn a legitimate income and helping them to reintegrate into mainstream society, and to Amnesty International.

Activism being so important to us, we wanted people to come and rave and interact and party and have a really great time. But we are also really passionate about being conscious, while you are doing that, of the world around you and how you can get involved in things. We want people to take action now more than ever. We want people to get involved in stuff outside the festival, so they come and have a great time but actually do something meaningful afterwards. We want to inspire people to actually take it that step further themselves.

– Kaye Dunnings, Glastonbury Shangri-La Creative Director

Dunning also recognises that as well as offering the opportunity to present Glastonbury Shangri-La during the pandemic, Lost Horizon could be the start of a new means reaching a global audience – much as how Linden Lab hoped, and the Wookey team continues to hope.

With Shangri-La presents: Lost Horizon, we’re delivering the music festival of the future: deeply immersive, fully on-line, accessible to anyone and anywhere with a PC or phone at their disposal. Shangri-La presents: Lost Horizon exists at the vanguard of something truly incredible, and we couldn’t be more excited to turn this page. The future of live events is virtual and we’re incredibly excited to be bringing it to fruition.

– Kaye Dunnings, Glastonbury Shangri-La Creative Director

Whether that is the case, remains to be seen. In the meantime all those interested in Lost Horizon can find more details below.

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Another touch of Scotland in Second Life

Auld Lang Syne, June 2020 – click any image for full size

The highlands and islands of Scotland are proving a popular inspiration for Second Life region designers – and rightly so; there is a deep beauty to their rolling hills and high peaks that invites the imagination and leaves the heart filled with a yearning to explore. As such, we’ve visited a number of Scottish themed locations over the last few years, but this is the first time I’ve been able to write about Elo (WeeWangle Wumpkins) Scottish inspired settings.

The latest iteration of her work – Auld Lang Syne – opened recently, and it offers a mix of the rugged abruptness of the Scottish highlands mixed with a strong sense of age within the buildings to be found scattered around it, together with a healthy dose of mystery with a fitting dash of humour.

Auld Lang Syne, June 2020

Admittedly, getting around on foot isn’t easy in places: the island rises sharply from the surrounding sea, and many of the slopes look like they would need a lot of scrambling to get up and down – just as many of the glacier-cut slopes of Scotland’s north may require the assistance of hands when clambering up them and a certain caution in getting down least one feet end up running away beneath one.

This steepness of setting may not at first be obvious from the landing point, which sits on the island’s highest rise within an ancient but intact fortification (Pupito Helstein’s popular Runestone Castle) – just an easy walk away is a group of standing stones inspired by the Neolithic Callanish Stones, located on the west coast of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.  However, descend the slope from the fortification to the ruins of a medieval chapels and its surrounding graveyard, and you’ll immediately get a feel for the region’s natural ruggedness.

Auld Lang Syne, June 2020

Which is not to say it is all hard work is getting around; here and there are paths that make for easier descent to the coastal areas, one of which is just in the lee of the hilly shoulder on which the stand stones sit. It leads to an extensive coastal beach that faces south and offers and gentle sandy walk east and then north, passing hints of the more recent history of the place: the wreck of a fishing boat, the remains of a broken aeroplane engine – presumably all that remains of a past crash -, an aged anchor and the carcass of an old boat.

To the east, the path along the beach is almost blocked by the waters flowing out from a deep gorge. Fortunately, fallen trunks have been joined to offer a way over the water, a heron standing on their backs like as if awaiting payment of a toll in order to allow visitors to proceed.  Beyond the bridge, more tales of past life can be found, together with some of the island’s current inhabitants, a number of whom appear to have partaken of a wee dip in the sea and are now following another of the trails back up to their hillside home.

Auld Lang Syne, June 2020

One of two towers that rise above the island’s rolling hills watches over these “locals”. Broken and holed, it appears to be a disused water tower, rather than part of any castle or fortress, although a owl is now acting as a look-out, keeping watch from the broken drum of its upper reaches. The view back across the island from this tower reveals the landing point on its high hill, whilst below and to one side, the ruins of what might have been an old manor house can be seen, nestled in secret on a north facing shelf of rock overlooking the beach, sheltered from the rest of the island by a rocky upthrust.

Around to the west, and sheltering below the castle’s hill, is another old ruin, similar in nature to that in the north, and now home to a wonderful garden that positively invites visitors to stay within it. The old structure and garden are in turn watched over by the island’s second tower, also the worse for wear as it sits on a rectangular promontory in the island’s south-west corner.

Auld Lang Syne, June 2020

In between these “main” points of interest are others awaiting discovery that add further depth to the setting and increase the sense of realism to the island. As such, taking the time to wander on foot – particularly in circumnavigating the coast whilst keeping an eye on the slopes above – is recommended. However, for those so inclined, the castle hall forming the landing point has a teleport board that can be used to hop to those main points of interest. The second hall of the castle, meanwhile offers a little galley of photos taken around the region, whilst its flat roof provides a view over the island and places to sit.

All in all, a delightful setting, with plenty of detail and with touches that encourage a smile.

Auld Lang Syne, June 2020

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