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Speedlight, the browser based / Android Second Life client, continues to be developed and updated, with new or improved capabilities being added almost weekly. The following is a round-up of some of the more recent updates, and well as some I’ve not previously mentioned, including the Gold-only Mass IM tool.

Transfer Gold Status between Avatars

If you have two or more avatar accounts connected to your Speedlight account, one of which is Gold status, you can now transfer that status between your avatar accounts. Handy if you find you suddenly need a second account to briefly have the advantages of Gold, but not sufficiently long enough to justify an additional subscription or for becoming a Speedlight Patreon member.

To move your Gold status between avatar accounts:

  • Log-in to Second Life via your Speedlight account and then log-in to Second Life with the account that is not Gold.
  • Click / tap on the Make Gold option on the right of your avatar box.
  • The Gold upgrade screen is displayed. This now includes the name(s) of any Gold avatar accounts you already have under the title Take Gold From Another Avatar.
  • Click on the avatar name from which you want to transfer Gold status.
  • The Gold status will be removed from that account and conferred on the account you are using. Note that no confirmation is given, but the current logged-in account will list itself as being Gold.
Swapping Gold status between accounts

Word View

Rendering Updates

April 22nd, 2020 saw a series of updates to the rendering system generating the 3D world view. These include:

  • In-world objects are now load quickly in low quality, then get a higher quality when you look at them.
  • The distance fogging can be turned off if preferred.
  • The draw distance can be adjusted.
  • Linden Water level is correctly displayed.
  • Multiple performance improvements / fixes.
  • Updated scene information panel that can be toggled on / off.
  • UI touch joystick now allows walking and rotating.
  • Gold only: seated avatar mannequins are now rendered.
  • Overall 3D UI is more compact.

Updated Scene Information Panel

The world view information tab has been updated, and comprises four core elements:

  • The Scene Progress display link (generally open by default). When open, displays the land, object and texture load data.
  • The 3D Settings display. When open allows you to:
    • Toggle the distance fogging on/ off.
    • Increase / decrease your draw distance (default 50m).
  • Your connection status:
    • Green – you are connected to the region simulator.
    • Red – you are not connected to the simulator and will need to relog.
  • The current region coordinates of your camera.
The Scene Information panel and options

Notes on this panel:

  • It can be expanded  / reduced by clicking on one or other of the scene process or 3D settings links.
    • One click will toggle from one to the other.
    • Clicking on the same link twice will either expand / close it or close / expand it, depending on its initial state.
  • Be careful with setting the draw distance too high; this could place additional data transfer load on your connection to the rendering server.

Accessing Avatar Profiles in World View

An option I’ve not previously covered in discussing the 3D world view is the ability to view another avatar’s Profile directly in the world view.

  • Click / tap on the avatar.
  • The avatar’s Profile opens on the right edge of the world view.
  • The Profile buttons will function as follows:
    • The Send IM and Notecard buttons will switch you to the IM window in the client.
    • The Pay L$ will switch you to the L$ and transactions window in the client.
    • Offer Teleport and Offer Friendship will open an invitation in the world view.
Another avatar’s profile can be displayed in the world view by clicking on the required avatar mannequin

Send Note Cards via IM

Introduced on April 16th, Speedlight’s Note Cards from IM allows you to:

  • Send a note card directly from an IM session.
  • Reply to a received note card in an open IM session with a *new* note card.

Sending a Notecard Using IM

  • Open an IM session with the person to whom you want to send a note card.
    • Note that you can already be chatting with them, and simply wish to send additional information.
  • Click / tap on the down arrow to the right of the Send button at the bottom of the IM display to open a list of options.
  • Click / tap  on notecard.
  • The text input area will expand to display:
    • The note card title field, which will default to “From [avatar name] [time stamp].
    • The body text area.
  • Change the title as required, and use the text entry field to write the contents of the note card.
  • Click / tap Send to deliver.
The send a note card from IM capability

Reading the Replying to Note Cards via IM

Should you receive a note Card via an open IM session, the text of the IM will be displayed in the main IM window, as shown below. A button displayed at the end of the note card text that allows you to reply using a fresh note card..

Receiving the text of a note card in IM, and replying using a note card

Again, the note card fields at the bottom of the IM window should be filled out as requires, and the Send button used to send it.

Gold Only: Mass IM Tool

This is not a new feature to Speedlight, but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to review it. In short, it does exactly what the title implies: allows you to send a single IM to multiple recipients.

Accessed via the IM option in the left side menu, Its use is self explanatory as well:

  • Enter the message in the top field.
  • Add a list of intended recipients in the lower left field, one name per line (this must be avatar names, not group names).
  • If required, check / tap the Save Sent Messages to Speedlight IMs to save a copy of the message to your IM logs.
  • Click /tap the Start Delivery button.
  • As the IM is delivered to each name on the list, a confirmation of delivery is displayed in the lower right text field.
    • You’ll also receive a notification on the status of each delivery.
The Speelight Mass IM option (Gold only)


The ability to transfer a Gold membership between avatar accounts is an excellent move for those who may occasionally need to have an alt access the more advanced world view available to Gold accounts, or to remain on-line without hourly re-logs. Similarly, the notecard updates in the IM options makes Speedlight even more flexible as a communications tool.

The world view rendering performance improvements should also be a welcome update for Gold members (I didn’t notice and particular increase for free accounts, but that might have simply been my connection). I did find the the problem of the avatar not stopping walking once in motion, as reported in my April 8th Speedlight update, to still be present; while I’ve heard two other users say they’ve had the same problem as well, I’ve no idea how widespread it might be.

That issue aside, Speedlight  – while still very much in an beta stage of development – continues to progress. Watching the Discord server channels for the client, I’ve been impressed with the degree of communications from the team responsible for Speedlight, and their willingness to engage with users.

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2020 Simulator User Group week #18 summary

Wizardhat Studios, March 2020 – blog post

The following notes were taken at the Simulator User Group meeting held on Tuesday, April 28th.

Simulator Deployments

Please refer to the simulator deployment thread for updates.

  • On Tuesday, April 28th, the majority of the grid was updated to server maintenance release 540213, previously deployed to an RC cluster and comprising simulator updates related to Premium benefits.
  • A single RC update is due on Wednesday, April 29th. No version number as available at the time of writing, but Rider Linden indicated it contains no functionality changes, but is an update to the simulator build tools.

SL Viewer

On Monday, April 27th, 2020, the Zirbenz RC viewer updated to version

At the time of writing, the remaining RC viewers have yet to be merged up to the EEP release, and there have been no project viewer updates, leaving the remaining official viewer pipelines as follows:

  • Release channel cohorts:
  • Project viewers:
    • Copy / Paste viewer, version, December 9, 2019.
    • Project Muscadine (Animesh follow-on) project viewer, version, November 22, 2019.
    • Legacy Profiles viewer, version, September 17, 2019. Covers the re-integration of Viewer Profiles.
    • 360 Snapshot project viewer, version, July 16, 2019.

In Brief

  • The fix for the issue off-line inventory losses from objects (see: BUG-227179 “All offline inventory offers from scripted objects are STILL lost”) is still awaiting deployment.
  • Simon Linden is stepping back from running the SUG meetings to focus more on the cloud uplift work. He’ll still be attending, but Rider is taking the reins.

A Fairelands Journey: the elves of Helidor

Fantasy Faire 2020: Heliodor

Our departure from Elemaria was for me a mixture of sadness and joy. Sadness, because my heart wanted yet to stay among these people of nature, and wander through their gardens and woods and study their herb lore and ways within their great libraries. The joy that countered it was because our onward path would be shared with a company of elves who had also paused at Elemaria on their way back to their homes in Heliodor.

It has been many a long year since I had first looked upon elven folk. I had been so much younger then, and knew not what to expect as entered the fabled – and now long-hidden woods – of Evensong. Even so, their voices and song had long echoed in my thoughts and dreams ever since, so hearing such voices again, even amidst so many fine and fair voices of the people of Elemaria, set my heart soaring. 

Fantasy Faire 2020: Heliodor

In truth, the elves of Heliodor are very different to their kinsfolk of the woods. Long ago they left the green halls of the forests and woods, their devotion to the ideals of creation and growth leading them to find a place where they could settle and create things of beauty and utility. And so they founded the city of Heliodor, the artisans and architects who lived there gaining fame throughout the known world for their skills and crafts.

Those who have not walking along the winding, white cobbles roads of this fair place or looked upon the sweeping curves  and curled roofs of their halls and houses can scarce imagine the beauty to be found within Heliodor! Far from their woodland homes these elves may have travelled, but their love of the ancient forests lives on with the great forms of their halls, the curled sloping roofs of which might be autumn leaves fallen from some giant Mallorn, the rise and branching of the stone pillars and arms that support those roofs suggesting trees with arms uplifted to the Sun.

Fantasy Faire 2020: Heliodor

And oh! The sound of music and song! To walk through Heliodor is to hear nature’s soothing voice, as pleasing and gentle to the ear as the breeze through high, young branches and as pure as the soft bubbling of a brook newly raised from its founding spring. Again I found myself wanting to stay, to explore each of these wonderful halls, but our companions turned hosts encouraged us onwards through the winding streets, past well-tended gardens and orchards until we crossed a small bridge to where a wide field awaited.

Here had been set tables and root-stools with platters of fruit and flowers set for a noon time meal, goblets and pitchers of the finest carved glass catching and reflecting the light of the high Sun. As we stopped, my kinsmen tending to our mounts, so we were taken by hand and lead to the waiting feast, even as more elves emerged through the screen of trees, separating field from town, and the air filled with song. My own companion, fully two heads taller than I and yet not yet full grown, held my hand gently as he led me to a seat, his long cloak seeming to float over the long grass. His wide face, delicate yet strong, shone with an inner delight and he helping me to sit, a warm smile playing at his lips as if he sensed the urge I felt within to reach up and run my finger tips around one of his elegantly pointed ears.

And so, once more, I found myself in the company of elves, and I and my companions scarce worried at the passing of the day, for in Heliodor, urgency has no place, and all who visit know that everything will come at its appointed time.

Fantasy Faire 2020: Heliodor

Heliodor designed by Nix Marabana and sponsored by Jinx. Featuring stores by: [ae] Adam & Eve, Dragonsworn, Dreaming Thicket, Dreamscaped Designs, !!Firelight!!, Grey’s Mind Maze, Home Whimsy, Kumiho-J!NX, Old World, .:Partners in Crime:., Rainy Fey Creations, Scarlet Fey, Simply Shelby, Sweet Intoxication, ^TD^Tirrany Designs, [TF] – Tamiron Forge, The One Team Initiative: Meet the Teams, and XPOSEure & SE.

Total raised by the end of the Faire’s fifth day: L$5,242,493 (US $20,969).

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Fantasy Faire regions are rated Moderate.