Above an Endless sky in Second Life

Endless Above - The Lost City
Endless Above – The Lost City – October 2019; click any image for full size

In January 2019 we visited Endless, a Full region designed by SombreNyx and a place of untamed beauty suggestive of coastal fens and lowlands (see: Endless: lowland beauty in Second Life). Since that visit, the region has been extended – albeit it not on the ground. Instead, there is an element in the sky Endless Above – The Lost City, that is also captivating to the eye.

Designed by Jackson Cruyff, this is a region-wide platform that offers, as the name might suggest, an ancient and lost city sitting within a forest. It’s a place that appears to be under investigation: the landing point is set within a camp on the south-west corner of the landscape. Others are to be found scattered around the landscape, inviting exploration.

Endless Above – The Lost City

The stone ruins give the impression of great age, in places suggestive of large halls with arched doorways while other offer a limited hint of what might have been homes, together with circular structures, all of which is overlooked by a large structure sitting on the landscape’s lone plateau. Is it a place of former rulers or a place of ancient worship? That’s for visitors to decide.

There’s no set path for exploration per se; while there are blazing torches sitting within and between the various ruins, they offer more suggestions of routes that might be followed rather than set paths. Thus, the best way to explore this setting is to simply follow your feet. Doing so will not only heighten a sense of discovery when seeking the ruins, but also lead you to the beaches to the south and north of the land, both of which offer places to sit and relax.

Endless Above – The Lost City

To be honest, Endless Above is the kind of place that doesn’t require that much description; it does so for itself. The simplicity of design and layout naturally encourages exploration, with repeated motifs among the ruins that offers a sense of continuity as you wander between them.

For those looking for a slightly different location for avatar photography, this is a setting that could be worth investigating; there’s a certain Lara Croft / Indiana Jones suggestion to it. Similarly those looking for a more unusual style of SL landscape to photograph might find Endless Above worth a visit, the setting lending itself well to most outdoor Windlight settings.

Endless Above – The Lost City

There’s apparently a teleport point connecting the ground level setting to Endless Above. It is described as being at a crossroads, but I confess that while we found a roads sign referencing the sky build, we completely failed to find a hint of any obvious teleport – but we could have easily missed it; therefore a direct SLurl is offered in this piece and one for Endless for those who have not visited that location.

Finished with an immersive soundscape, Endless Above offers something of a different setting to Endless below it, but both environments do complement one another and offers similar feelings of escaping civilisation and freedom of wandering that invites visitors to tarry and enjoy the surroundings as they explore.

Endless Above – The Lost City

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