Getting some :oxygen: in Second Life

:oxygen:, October 2019 – click any image for full size

:Oxygen: is the name of a new Full region that has opened its doors to the public and makes for a superb visit for Second Life explorers, with plenty of opportunity for fun and photography.

Designed by Justice Vought and SixDigital, the region offers an engaging mix of beaches, rugged hills and a small town awaiting exploration, while those looking for a little romance or quite times will also find things to do, be it sitting quietly or catching a film at the beach-side drive-in. Those who enjoy thrills might also find things to do as well.

:oxygen:, October 2019

We’ve been working on this sim for the last couple of months and it’s finally finished and open to the public.

You will find lots of spots for your photography, a train station and quaint street, a lodge with board games as well as pool and shuffle board, surfing, bumper boats, a harbour, a watermill and small gallery, and a drive-in movie theatre as well as tons of places to chill and hang out. There are also some hidden surprises so be sure to explore.

– SixDigital, introducing Oxygen

:oxygen:, October 2019

There is no set landing point for the region, so I’ve simply followed the suggestion offered by Shawn Shakespeare and selected the little town’s railway station platform (given a familiar number of 9 3/4!) as a starting point for explorations. From here, it is possible to walk west along the single street of the little town, passing cosy little houses and boutique shops while the grassy hills fall away northwards to a surf-fronted beach.

The beach runs south-to-north along one side of the region, offering numerous places to sit and the chance to go surfing. However, do keep in mind the houses that book-end it to the north and south are private – so please avoid trespassing into them. A path from the beach runs past he drive-in and behind the gardens behind the northern house to where a busy little waterfront wharf and piers are laid out.

:oxygen:, October 2019

Above this, and reached via sets of wooden stairs and platforms is The Mystic, the region’s public mountain lodge. This offers cosy places to sit and relax, play board games, enjoy views out over the region, or explore onwards and downwards into the rugged gorge separates the lodge from the little town.

This is where the gallery referred to in SixDigital’s description of the region can be found, nestled in a slightly careworn watermill and displaying some of SixDigital’s photography. Outside of the lodge are bull riding, bungee jumping and a zip-line for thrill seekers, while an open-air deck provides a home for live music events, the grass before it a nature dance floor.

:oxygen:, October 2019

Finished a full sound scape and surrounded by high peaks, :oxygen: is a picturesque setting deserving of photography. It is easy on the eye and on the viewer. The official opening for the region will take place on Sunday, October 27th, when DJ Apple Xevion will be spinning the records between 12:00 noon and 14:00 SLT, and a prize pool of L$10,000 is on offer in a Halloween costume contest – just go along dressed in your favourite Halloween outfit for a chance to win a prize!

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:oxygen: (Bora Lota, rated Moderate)


7 thoughts on “Getting some :oxygen: in Second Life

  1. Inara, thank you for the visit and this wonderful write up. Your pictures are beautiful and description perfect. Thanks again! Best… Six and Justice


  2. I visited here. Its beautifully done, but incredibly laggy. My movement was stuttered and hard. Its not like I have a below standard machine (6mb video memory, 32Gb system, 4Ghz processor on a fiber connection). There were only 5 people in the region.


    1. One more thing, I got ejected by a security orb since part of the sim is an unmarked private residence. I was almost halfway across before I got the orb warning. I couldn’t get back to the line fast enough to prevent ejection.


      1. The article does note the two beach-side houses are private. The boundaries between these houses and the beach are denoted by rope fences (although I’d suggest a “Private” sign in the openings of the fences wouldn’t go amiss. In both cases scanning commences at these boundaries. While you can travel several metres into the parcels before the warning pops-up, but in both cases, 30 seconds is given to clear the area (double the recommended time suggested by most orbs), which should be more than enough time to exit the areas of both houses unless someone happens to miss the local chat & dialogue pop-up warnings.


    2. Sorry to hear that. All I can say is that I run SL on a 16 GB DDR3 i5 machine with a 4 GB GPU, and my fps was perfectly comfortable (22-22fps fps with settings to High-Ultra & shadows enabled – enough to move /flycam and take photos with ease) throughout my visits (plural) to the region. My visits also occurred at times where there was a rough average of 5 other avatars dotted around the region, exploring or conversing / trying the activities.


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