An autumn’s Nostalgia Falls in Second Life

Nostalgia Falls, October 2019 – click any image for full size

For those who enjoy a touch of Halloween without things going overboard in terms of pumpkins, witches, ghosts and so on, then the Homestead region of Nostalgia Falls designed by Noisette Haller could be just the ticket for a visit in the next couple of weeks.

Caught under an orange sky that is suitably atmospheric for the time of year, the region offers some touches of Halloween throughout, but also offers other opportunities for enjoyment and photography.

Nostalgia Falls, October 2019

Forming a rough L-shape, the lower arm running east-west and the vertical south-north and with a gentle westward curve, Nostalgia Falls is a region of roughly two parts. The southern arm of the island is defined by a railway line and little end-of-the-line country station, the tracks occupied by the familiar form of the DRD Arctic Express, this one pulling just the one carriage – which also forms the landing point.

To the east of the little station sit the ruins of houses, one of which appears to have suffered a gas explosion – a large propane tank is ablaze, as is the house. North of the station is a large plaza overlooking open water and a small wharf, a little coffee shop and a carousel offering distractions for visitors – or the opportunity to appreciate all the little touches within the space and along the waterfront.

Nostalgia Falls, October 2019

The Halloween influences are subtle but apparent – cobwebs a-plenty can be found, while a ghostly mist swirls around the locomotive while pumpkins are a little in evidence. There is also a nice touch of humour here as well, in the form of an old lady selling cats in an echo of the “mad cat” old ladies of legend (do catch the Schrödinger’s Cat poster on the stall!).

Beyond the plaza, the north-south arm of the island is home to a little group of houses, all of which appear to be open to the public and are also lightly decorated for Halloween, but again without anything being too excessive. This is another place where there are a lot of little touches to be found, while the track passing before the houses offers the way to a little headland and a pumpkin patch where things do get a little more fanciful, with some of the pumpkins having reached quite extraordinary sizes!

Nostalgia Falls, October 2019

The southern end of this track rises to the top of a little promontory that is home to a stables sitting with its back to the horseshoe of waterfalls that likely give the region its name. A paths and steps from here offer a way down to a meadow where the horses can roam – and which under a brighter sky offers a wonderful taste of autumn splendour.

For those who like more of a touch of Halloween, this can be found in the haunted house located in the south-east corner of the region, together with a little haunted ruin alongside. Here, and across the region can be found places for dancing for those so inclined while overhead – for those who look up, more of an air of mystery is await discovery as an off-shore Moon is at times given to impersonating some of the planets.

Nostalgia Falls, October 2019

Given the mist, particles and other items around the landing point, some might find their viewer / systems struggling with the load  – something that can be exacerbated if there are several visitors to the region. However, the north end of the region and the middle-area meadow did, on our visits, tend to be kinder to our systems. Other than this, Nostalgia falls makes for a photogenic visit and is happy to be seen under a variety of windlight settings.

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