Rock Your Rack: theme and designer registrations

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Rock Your Rack, the annual fund-raiser organised by Models Giving Back (MGB) in aid of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), will again take place between Saturday, October 5th through Saturday, October 19th, 2019, inclusive.

Officially endorsed by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Rock your Rack is a combined fashion and entertainment event, offering the best in both to visitors, with designer booths, fashions shows, live performances and DJ sessions. In addition, there will be a range of supporting activities, including:

  • A silent auction featuring one-of-a-kind items from Rock Your Rack designers who will give 100% of the sales to the cause
  • A Rock Your Rack Hunt featuring collectables offered by participating designers at L$10 each – with all proceeds going directly into the fund-raising.
  • An Art show and auction.

The theme for this year’s event is Celebrate Diversity with the organisers noting:

We want to celebrate the diversity of Second Life and reach all areas of second life with this event. So let’s start thinking about that and how you can be involved to celebrate the diversity of Second Life.

Rock Your Rack 2018

Designer Registrations

At the start of May 2019, the event opened applications from designers wishing to participate in Rock Your Rack. These are available to any content designers and SL established businesses. Those interested in participating are asked to meet the following high-level requirements:

  • Provide an Exclusive item not for sale anywhere else during the time of the event and has never been previously sold or given away (designer keeps 100% of sales from this item).
  • Provide a Limited Edition item which can be a new design or a remake of an old favourite. 100% of proceeds from this item must go to Rock Your Rack for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and the item must be marked as such and retired from sales after the event.
  • Offer either the Exclusive item or the Limited Edition in keeping with the event’s theme Celebrate Diversity.
  • Provide one item of the designer’s choice for the event’s L$10 Hunt, which gives 100% of funds raised to the NBCF.
  • Sales of all other items can be offered at 100% of proceeds going to the designer, or can be set to give a percentage donation to Rock Your Rack, entirely at the designer’s discretion.

For a full run-down of the designer participant guidelines and rules can be found on the designer’s information page at Rock Your Rack, and also on the registration form.

Pricing for participating in the event as a designer starts at L$2,000. This provides a Regular booth with a 50 LI allowance which can be used for vendors and decoration; the designer’s logo displayed on the booth and on the Rock Your Rack website, and a SLurl listing to the designer’s in-world store; event advertising on social media and with in-world groups alongside the Rock Your Rack website; and paid advertising through Seraphim and other outlets if approved by those outlets.

There are then a series of options available at additional pricing which designers can opt to take advantage of in order to maximise their exposure in this event. Again, please refer to the information page for full pricing details.

Rock Your Rack 2017

Media Partners

Rock Your Rack is currently seeking media partners to help promote the event. There is no fee for becoming a media partner, but those applying are asked to help in one or more of the following ways:

  • Spread the word about Rock Your Rack via Facebook, social media, an advert in a publication or via in-world groups.
  • Advertise the event in the months leading up to Rock Your Rack by running the RYR monthly advert in their publications.
  • Continue to promote the event via social media and in-world groups when Rock Your Rack opens.
  • Offering any support that will be helpful to RYR fund-raising: interviews, articles etc (early access on Media Day can be provided for photos).

In return for this, Rock Your Rack / Models Giving Back offer:

  • Listing as Media Partner on the official Rock Your Rack website.
  • Logo placement on all official RYR adverts for partners joining prior to July 31st, and in the shopping areas/runway/DJ Dance Party areas on media partner designated boards during the event (all partners).
  • Information giver placement at the event’s landing point.
  • Mention in the opening of all fashion shows held during the event as a media partner.

Interested parties should contact Jamee Sandalwood in-world.

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