An Out of Time experience in Second Life

Hors du Temps; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickrHors du Temps – click any image for full size

Update: Hors du Temps has closed and the host region under plrivate ownership. SLruls have therefore been removed from this article.

Hors du Temps (“Out of Time”) is the latest region design by Rose Ulrik (Rose Siabonne), who has previously designed La Clef des Champs (see here and here), and like that design, it makes for an absorbing visit with a lot awaiting discovery.

The region is divided into a group of islands: a large primary island with a mix of low-lying land and rugged tables of rock.  Containing the (unenforced) landing point on its west side, it is surrounded by three smaller islands, one of which has two private residences atop it, and another that may potentially be up for renting.

Hors du Temps; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickrHors du Temps

The landing point sits on the sands of the low-lying part of the main island, sharing the location with a sheltered open market complete with a game of boules, while a little shack and an old children’s playground sit close by. Beyond the market, the land rises to a grassy plateau, a path winding up its side. A large wooden house sits on the plateau, inviting exploration – but do take note there are a couple of rental posts sitting behind it, so it might be available for rent as a private residence, so caution should perhaps be exercised when approaching it.

To the south, the land also becomes more rugged with fingers and tables of granite-like rock rising above the sands. Paths offer a way through and up this part of the island, giving multiple opportunities for exploration and photography – and there is a lot to see. Away to the north-east is a headland looking towards the island with private homes. It also offers a house: Marcthur Goosson’s always attractive Ma Maison cottage, a build I’ve often been tempted by whenever I’ve seen it. This blends nicely into the surrounding rocks, and sits above a small beach. Whether this might also be available for rent is hard to say, but with the outdoor bric-a-brac in the courtyard, it makes an ideal subject for photography.

Hors du Temps; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickrHors du Temps

When making your way to the cottage, keep your eyes open for the paths awaiting your feet. One climbs the south-west plateau to where an artist’s studio sits tucked away, a further beach sitting below it. This is reached by a separate path, one that runs past a stone bridge providing access to the second of the outlying islands. With its glass conservatories, winding paths and climbs, and places to sit and spend time, this is perhaps my favourite part of the region – although we had to admit defeat in trying to find a way down to the beach, short of jumping off the arch of rock above it!

The final island – excluding the small islet topped by a lighthouse that lies off the west coast – sits to the south-west and is reached via a wooden footbridge crossing the shallows between it and the main island. Once again, it is a rocky uprising with a small beach. It is also home to another house that may or may not be available for rent – so again, do take care whilst exploring.

Hors du Temps; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickrHors du Temps

This is also a place with one or two little surprises. Alongside the landing point, for example, sits a teleport disk. Touching this will present you with two destinations: BDSM and Fairy Garden. The former is pretty much as the name implies – a place for BDSM activities presented as a tasteful, low-key club occupying a penthouse-like setting overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

The second destination – Fairy Garden – is a skybound garden that, while smaller in size, offers a similar charm to Lauren Bentham’s Storybrooke Gardens (itself the subject of three past articles in the blog dating from 2014, 2015 and 2017). It’s another place to escape to and which cannot fail to bring a smile to a visitor’s face with its whimsy.

Hors du Temps; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickrHors du Temps

Nor is the disk the only teleport point. Tucked away in the region is a Stargate and DHD from Stargate SG-1 and its offshoots. However, I’ll leave this to you to find when visiting – it shouldn’t be too hard!

Like Clef des Champs before it, Hors du Temps makes for an enticing visit. With rowing boats moored just off-shore, numerous places to sit both on the beach and inland, a rich sound scape and lots of detail with plants, statues and wildlife (and cats!) scattered throughout, there is more than enough to keep those dropping in engaged in their explorations.

Hors du Temps; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickrHors du Temps

Our thanks – once again – to Shawn Shakespeare for the tip-off.