A return to La Clef des Champs

La Clef des Champs; Inara Pey, June 2018, on FlickrLa Clef des Champs – click any image for full size

Note:: La Clef des Champs has closed. SLurls have therefore been removed from this article.

It is a little over a month since I wrote about La Clef des Champs (literally, “the key fields”), a setting which at that time took up a homestead region, which had opened in April 2018 (see here for more).

Since then, there has been something of a change for La Clef des Champs, as Miro Collas  pointed out to me via Twitter recently, it having been moved and downsized to a quarter region parcel within a Full region (and given the changes between my two recent visits, it may still be in the process of being built-out). So, has anything been lost with the move? Overall, I’d say “no”.

La Clef des Champs; Inara Pey, June 2018, on FlickrLa Clef des Champs

As with the original, a visit starts up on a hill overlooking open waters on two sides, and which is topped by a modest café with indoor and outdoor seating. From here, across the grass, a gated track leads the way down the hillside and inland. This runs past a small field and barn to where a fork points the way towards a new feature for the landscape: a large greenhouse sitting on a rugged shoulder of land occupying the inland corner of the parcel. Offering a second commanding view over the parcel, the greenhouse is presented as a summer-house style hideaway with music available from a grand piano and a gramophone, and space to sit or work as one desires.

Beyond the fork for the greenhouse, the track turns back seaward and curves past a brick-built barn to arrive at the Tuscan style house that was also present in the Homestead build. This looks out over the water to the east where the windmill still sits just offshore –  albeit on a slightly smaller island -,  and to the north, where a second small island sits, home to a lighthouse.

La Clef des Champs; Inara Pey, June 2018, on FlickrLa Clef des Champs

An old warehouse completes the set of buildings to be found here. This is the place where  – again as with the original design – more adult pursuits can be shared, if desired.

The use of just a quarter region parcel means that this iteration of La Clef des Champs does, for those who visited the original, feel smaller. However, I would suggest it has, lost little of the ambience it enjoyed when occupying a full-sized region space. for those who have not previously visited La Clef des Champs will still find this smaller version a pleasing excursion, with plenty of opportunities still for photography.

La Clef des Champs; Inara Pey, June 2018, on FlickrLa Clef des Champs


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