Elvion: an elven sanctuary in Second Life

Elvion; Inara Pey, February 2019, on FlickrElvion – click any image for full size

Update, September 2021: Elvion has relocated and expanded – see Elvion expanded in Second Life.

The suggestion we visit Elvion, which recently opened its doors to the public, came to us via Miro Collas, another reader who always keeps can eye out for regions in Second Life we might find appealing, and to whom I again offer my thanks for doing so 🙂 .

Occupying a quarter region parcel on a Homestead region, Elvion has been designed by Bo Zano (BoZanoNL) as an elven style sanctuary, rich in atmosphere and with a suggestion of mystic magic; and it is a quite breathtaking place to visit: simple but elegant in its presentation, rich in detail without feeling overcrowded.

Elvion; Inara Pey, February 2019, on FlickrElvion

Aside from a single tower towards the north-east of the parcel, not far from the landing point, the entire location is open to public exploration and enjoyment.

To help with this, a single track runs through the parcel from the south-east corner through to the north-west. A short distance, perhaps, but a good start to explorations. From its starting point was the edge of a small bay, it skirts around the water, passing the entrance to the glade where the private towers resides. Past this, it passes over a little bridge to pass along the edge of another glade to reach a  second bridge pointing back to the tower.

Elvion; Inara Pey, February 2019, on FlickrElvion

This second glade is bordered on its far side by high falls and is home to a large pavilion. It is here that a further sense of fantasy is presented to visitors: a dragon circling slowly over the grass of the glade, sharing the space with gossamer butterflies as rabbits hop around below. Sunlight filters through the trees at the edge of the glade, while lights dangle from branches in strings, adding a further ethereal look to the parcel.

This is far from all there is to Elvion, however, wander across the glade or follow grassy trails through the trees, and you’ll find elk grazing at the edge of the water and just beyond, a rocky arch offering a way to where a further mystical element can be found: a stone carved with glowing runes with unicorns just before it.

Elvion; Inara Pey, February 2019, on FlickrElvion

Another aspect to the parcel is the wildlife; elk graze, heron and egret watch over the waters, birds sing from trees and sit on rocks while swans patrol the waters and a woodpecker keeps himself busy on a tree trunk. These all bring the place to life, and a further depth and attracts the ear and eye.

I’ve often commented that when it comes to designing somewhere special, be it a private home or a place we can share with others, it is all too easy to focus on the space and land capacity offered by an entire region, be it full or Homestead. Elvion, however, is one of the wonderful gems in Second Life that demonstrate this is not the case, and that with care and attention to detail, it is possible to present a special, photogenic place worthy of sharing with others and which is an absolutely delight to visit and spend time within.

Elvion; Inara Pey, February 2019, on FlickrElvion