Opening November’s Art at the Park in Second Life

Art at the Park, November 2016
Art at the Park, November 2016

The November 2016 Art at the Park exhibition opens at Holly Kai Park on October 29th, 2016 and runs through until November 27th.

For this exhibition, we are both pleased and privileged to be featuring the work of five more talented artists, who between them offer a rich diversity of art and styles. They are: Sheba Blitz, Maxi Daviau, Skinnynilla, Terrygold and Sorcha Tyles.

The exhibition will formally open on Saturday, October 29th at 12:00 noon SLT, with a live performance by Winston Ackland, making his first appearance at the park, with music streamed from 1:00pm onwards. Formal attire is requested for the opening.

We look forward to welcoming you to Holly Kai Park and our November exhibition, and hope you’ll join us for the opening event on Saturday, October 29th!

About the Artists

Sheba Blitz

Sheba Blitz
Sheba Blitz

Sheba Blitz is a SL and RL artist who exclusively paints Mandalas, and her who have captivated me since I first encountered it at Kayly Iali’s Gallery 24.

Mandalas are ancient and mystical symbols of the universe. And represent the way of the “peaceful path”. Classically in the form of a circle (the Cosmos) enclosing a square (Earthbound matter).

Sheba’s Mandalas generally contain what is called a quarternity or a multiple of four. This squaring of the circle is a common archetypal image of wholeness and order. Mandalas are perceived as sacred spaces and remind the viewer of the immanence of sanctity in the universe and its potential to themselves. Used for meditation, contemplation, healing and pure visual pleasure.

Sheba was born and lives in Australia; she has studied, explored and accumulated many Art Diplomas from different art processes over the years but always returns to her love of geometrical hand painted mandala designs in mixed media. As someone who loves mandala art, I’m elated she agreed to join us at Holly Kai Park.

Maxi Daviau and Skinnynilla

Second Life Partners Maxi Daviau and Skinnynilla are both superb second Life photographers and regions designers. The Mill, their homestead region is a delight to visit, and their Flickr streams completely absorbing.

Maxi Daviau and Skinnynilla
Maxi Daviau and Skinnynilla

“I have always loved and been amazed at the creativity in this virtual world. Exploring and taking pictures has always been my main hobby in Second Life,” Maxi says of her in-world time. “I love to see what all the residents create here,” Skinnynilla – show also goes by the sobriquet Shakespeare – adds.

Between them, they produce stunning landscape images that capture the very soul of the regions they visit, as well as producing incredible and intimate avatar studies. It is an absolute delight to have them exhibiting side by side at Holly Kai park.



“I do not like to say I am an artist,” says Terrygold of her work. “In my spare time I make photos in which at time, a quick idea – like a flash – is a starting point. I develop the idea, and the trip begins.”

It’s a disarming statement, made in all genuine modesty, by a true talent within Second Life. Terry’s work, which I’ve covered on numerous occasions in my own blog, is never anything less than utterly captivating in form, style and presentation.

Rich in narrative, unique in approach, Terry’s work is attractive, and I am genuinely thrilled to see her work on display at Holly Kai Park.

Sorcha Tyles

Sorcha Tyles
Sorcha Tyles

I confess – much to my shame – to not having encountered Sorcha’s work until Skinnynilla pointed me in the direction of her Flickr stream.

I’m glad he did.

There is a deep, personal richness to Sorcha’s work which is almost overwhelming. She regards SL photography as perhaps her biggest addiction in Second Life, and looking at her work, one can not only see why, but also catch a glimpse of Sorcha herself. Her images gracefully combine landscapes with personal studies, producing a range of art that is bewitching in its breadth and intimate in its depth.

My thanks to skinny for introducing us, and to Sorcha for being a part of Art at the Park.

Our Opening Event Musician

Winston Ackland

Winston Ackland is making his first appearance at Holly Kai Park. An accomplished physical world musician, who in-world provides smiles and tapping feet with his clever original works and quirky adaptations of obscure covers. Somehow, it all makes sense as audiences relax in a comfortable atmosphere and enjoy innovative songs crafted from a blend of rock, blues, bossa nova, jazz and lounge.

In 2008, Winston’s physical and virtual lives merged when his cover of Lithium hit the big screen in 20th Century Fox Films, Marley and Me. In 2012 his cover of Psycho Killer was featured in Oliver Stone’s Savages.

Stories at the Park

In addition, this exhibition will feature a special Stories at the Park event on Saturday, November 20th from 3:00pm. Presented by Seanchai Library, Stories at the Park features readings of 100-word short stories and poems of up to 100 words, inspired by the art on display at the park, and written by some of Second Life’s top writers. The event is open for anyone who enjoys writing, and details of how to take part can be found on our Stories at the Park guidelines. Note that you do not have to read your own work if you prefer not to use Voice: Seanchai Library staff would be happy to read it for you.

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