A Woman in Red and Furillen Yours in Second Life

DixMix Gallery: Woman In Red
DiXmiX Gallery: Woman In Red

Now open at DiXmiX Gallery are two new exhibitions, Woman In Red and Furillen Yours, which opened on Friday, October 14th and Sunday, October 16th, respectively.

Woman In Red is the larger of the two and occupies the White Galley within the complex. It features sixteen images by photographer Vallys Baxter. These all appear to be self-studies shot in a monochrome format, but each with a strong statement of red, be it a dress, leggings, a body harness, a full-face helmet, a hat, or other items of apparel.

DixMix Gallery: Woman In Red
DiXmiX Gallery: Woman In Red

“Red,” Vallys notes, “is my dark side.” With these images, I’d equate “dark” with “sensual / erotic” – both of which are evident in several of the images, while in a couple of them, the “dark” might be said to be literal. With nudity apparent in some of the images, this is a collection not best suited for work viewing, but the sensual power conveyed in most of them cannot be denied. This is particularly evident in pieces such as The PersuadersRed is My Dark or  Keep Me Wild, which cast those viewing them into the role of voyeur, catching glimpses of what might be intimate moments between lovers. All told, an intriguing, graceful exhibit.

Furillen Yours occupies the entrance foyer to the gallery complex, and features the seven winning images from a recent photography competition jointly presented by DixMix Gallery and Serene Footman, and which focused on Serene’s region of Furillen (which I have written about here and here).  The pictures are by MollyWolliDoodle, NikaLee, Oyona, Hayel Bracula, Mrs S (LauraLar), Magic Maker, and Iolanda Weidman.

DixMix Gallery: Furillen Yours
DiXmiX Gallery: Furillen Yours

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