VWBPE: Virtual Science Fair 2017 call for submissions


As a part of the run-up to its 10th anniversary, Virtual World Best Practices in Education has announced the VWBPE Virtual Science Fair, and is inviting educators, schools, colleges and universities to participate.

The event will form a new element in the annual VWBPE annual conference, which in 2017 will take place between Tuesday, March 28th through Saturday, April 1st inclusive. It was  announced via a VWBPE blog post on June 21st, which also gives a definition of “science” for the purposes of the fair:

In this instance, the term “science” encompasses a body of knowledge, whose systems, concepts, or major paradigms can then be demonstrated, experimented, and/or designed through the lens of any number of social, behavioural, and natural sciences as disciplines.

Those wishing to participate are invited to submit proposals which may include, but are not limited, to:

  • Science and Mathematics (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Mathematics)
  • Social Sciences (Education, History, Anthropology, Economics)
  • Behavioural Sciences (Psychology, Sociology)
  • Fine Arts (Languages, Art, Music, Theatre)

Submissions can be made in one of three categories:

  • Submitting as a group for an entire class (Grades 9-12) or
  • Submitting as a group for an entire class (University/Continuing Education), or
  • Submitting as an individual teacher.

Each option his is own Requirements for Proposal Submissions, which applicants are asked to review, and each of which includes a link to the relevant proposal submissions form. The deadline for the receipt of all submissions is Friday, July 15th, 2016.

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