SL project updates 16 24/2: server, viewer, group ban / chat

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Server Deployments – Recap

As usual, please refer to the server deployment thread for the latest information.

  • On Tuesday, June 14th, the Main (SLS) channel received the same server maintenance project, as previously deployed to all three RC channels, comprising “minor internal changes”
  • There was no deployment to either the LeTigre or BlueSteel Release Candidate channels
  • After being in doubt (see part 1 of this report), the Magnum RC deployment did take place. This contained the same code as is currently on the RCs, other than some additional diagnostic code executed when some enters a region.

SL Viewer

The Maintenance RC viewer updated on Thursday, June 16th to version, which includes two additional fixes:

  • MAINT-6446 Correct password length handling to match web sites
  • MAINT-6486 Recompile Scripts does not process beyond first object/prim.

The VLC Media plug-in project viewer updated to version on June 15th, which includes on additional fix:

  • MAINT-6488 [Win LibVLC] After using a drop down list on a web page, it remains stuck on-screen even when URL is changed.

All other viewers remain unchanged:

  • Current Release version: (dated May 11), May 18 – formerly the Quick Graphics RC viewer
  • Inventory Message RC viewer, version, dated May 23rd – removal of deprecated and unused UDP inventory messaging mechanisms from the viewer
  • Project viewers:
    • Project Bento (avatar skeleton extensions), version, dated June 10th
    • Visual Outfit Browser viewer, version, dated June 6th – ability to preview images of outfits in the Appearance floater
    • Oculus Rift project viewer, version, dated October 13, 2014 – Oculus Rift DK2 support
  • Obsolete platform viewer version dated May 8, 2015 – provided for users on Windows XP and OS X versions below 10.7.

Group Ban / Chat

A major annoyance among many groups is that when an irritant is banned / ejected from a group whilst already engaged in group chat, they can continue to engage in the chat session until they close the group chat session window / tab – see SVC-32. However, an upcoming change to the group chat services, currently undergoing testing on Aditi, will change this.

While subject to change prior to going live, the updates on Aditi worked so that:

If a person banned or ejected is in the same region as the person banning them, the banned individual sees a dialogue box displayed over their group chat:

Group chat warning following a ban
Group chat warning following a group ban / ejection when in the same region as the person carrying out the banning / ejection

When they click on OK, the dialogue clears and the group chat closes. The group should also be removed from their group list, preventing them from re-joining the chat.

If the person being banned / ejected is in a different region to the person banning / ejecting them, there is no dialogue box displayed over their group chat. Instead, the chat window remains open, but any attempts to post chat messages result in the system message:

group chat-3
Message displayed when attempting to continue to use and open group chat after being banned / ejected from a group, when in a region different to that of the person banning you

The group will also remain in their group list until such time as they re-log. However, if they close the chat window and attempt to re-join it, they will receive the following message:

group chat-2
Message displayed on attempting to close / reopen the group chat after having been banned / ejected from a group

Currently, it appears as if this update will be included in a main grid Release Candidate update for week #25 (commencing Monday, June 20th).

Bento Fix

A fix for BUG10979 – “Scripted attachments attached to the new enhanced skeleton attachment points show as worn on ‘Invalid Attachment Point’ in the script limits floater” is available for  testing on Aditi on the Fire Ant 1 region, if anyone wishes to try the fix. If all goes according to plan, it should also be on the main grid in a Release Candidate server maintenance package in week #25.

With thanks to Rex Cronon for the SBUG meeting chat tanscript.

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