SL project updates 16 23/2: server, viewer, Avatar Complexity

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Server Deployments – Recap

As usual, please refer to the server deployment thread for the latest information.

  • On Tuesday, June 7th, the Main (SLS) channel was updated with the same server maintenance package, comprising the addition of mnemonic names to be used in LSL scripts when attaching to the new attachment points on the Bento skeleton extensions and minor internal changes
  • On Wednesday, June 8th, all three RCs were updated with a new server maintenance package comprising “minor internal changes”.

SL Viewer

There have been no further changes on the viewer front since part 1 of this update, leaving the official viewer channels as follows:

Remaining Viewers

All other viewers currently remain unchanged from week #22:

  • Current Release version:, dated May 11th, promoted  May 18th, and formerly the Quick Graphics RC viewer
  • RC viewers:
    • Maintenance RC viewer, version, dated June 2nd. Includes fixes for the recent release of the Avatar complexity / Graphics Presets viewer release
    • Inventory Message RC viewer, version, dated May 23rd – removal of deprecated and unused UDP inventory messaging mechanisms from the viewer
  • Project viewers:
    • The Visual Outfits Browser (VOB) project viewer, version, dated June 6th. See my overview of the viewer for further details
    • VLC Media Plugin viewer, version, dated June 3rd. Sees the Quicktime for Windows media plugin for the playback of media types such as MP3 MPEG-4 and MOV, replaced by one based on LibVLC ( Mac viewer currently unaffected.
    • Project Bento (avatar skeleton extensions), version, dated May 26th – includes the “reset Skeleton” option and additional slider updates
    • Oculus Rift project viewer, version, dated October 13, 2014 – Oculus Rift DK2 support
  • Obsolete Platform viewer, version, dated May 8th, 2015 – provided for users on Windows XP and OS X versions below 10.7.

Avatar Complexity

There are some issues with Avatar Complexity which have been noted, but have yet to be addressed, One is that a “dirty” install the viewer (i.e. not removing the previous version + its supporting files from a computer will default avatar complexity to No Limit (BUG-18199).

Another (BUG-18195) is that initial default values for Avatar Maximum Avatar Complexity (defined by the graphics benchmarking) are not applying. These should be: Low: 35k; Low-Mid: 100k; Mid: 200k; Mid-High: 250k; High: 300k and High-Ultra / Ultra: 350k. Instead, the bug means that all graphics settings above Low are defaulted to 80k. This also means the Rest button for Avatar Complexity reverts the setting to 80K for all settings, rather than applying the correct default.

6 thoughts on “SL project updates 16 23/2: server, viewer, Avatar Complexity

  1. It looks to me that avatars over the set complexity limit that are mostly composed of sculpted objects… e.g. animal avatars are rendering invisible as JellyDolls.. or just showing a few non-scuplt parts anyway. They show normally if you slide the complexity limit up beyond the value they have.


    1. “They show normally if you slide the complexity limit up beyond the value they have.”

      I’m not sure if I’m understanding this comment correctly, but that’s the intent with Avatar Complexity: you set a value within the viewer so that any avatars which exceed that value are automatically rendered at Jelly Dolls. Ergo, moving the slider to the right and increasing that limit will mean more of the more complex avatars around you will render fully, albeit it at a potential hit on viewer / system performance.


  2. I understand that Inara. My main comment was really that avatars made up mostly of parts that I think might be sculpties dn’t show up at sll… no JellyDoll outline.


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