A Snuggles Forest in Second Life

Snuggles Forest
Snuggles Forest

Just over the water from her Snuggles brand stores in Second Life, Teagan Parnas has created a little park open to the public to enjoy. Snuggles Forest, occupying a Homestead region, offers the chance for visitors to roam an undulating landscape and dance, sit, share time on the beaches, explore and – as them name might suggest – snuggle.

“Forest” is perhaps too broad a term for the region – there are trees for sure, but these are more woodland in nature and placement, rather than “forest”. So there is no need to fear you’ll be fighting through undergrowth and struggling to see things; the paths are all well-marked, and the sunshine falls as much on open spaces as it does on leafy canopies.

Snuggles Forest
Snuggles Forest

For those wishing to get to places quickly, the landing point offers a TP board – but setting out on shank’s pony is by far the best option. From the landing point on the north side of the region, visitors can head east or west to the Sunrise or Sunset Beach, or head inland and up the central hills, where there are places to sit or enjoy yoga.

The paths themselves lead right around the island, so whether you head east or west, you’ll find your way to most points, and there are plenty of diversions along the way, including the odd curio or two – such as the rock house nestled between the hunched shoulders of the humpbacked hills.  There’s even a Norman church sitting in one corner of the region which, in a bit of a Las Vegas twist, offers automated weddings, complete with personalised certificates, for those who want the efficiency of a DIY ceremony!

Snuggles Forest
Snuggles Forest

For those seeking a place to wander for a while, with lots of little open and secluded places to sit, snuggle and / or dance, Snuggles Forest offers a pleasing location for exploration and relaxation, and a fair few points for photography.

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