Lab: one last friendly battle before the snow melts in Second Life

Winter Wonderland snowball fight arena - a spring challenge from the Lab
Winter Wonderland snowball fight arena – a spring challenge from the Lab

Spring is sprung, the grass is ris,
I wonder what that white stuff is?
It’s snow a-plenty, and fun for all,
And so the Lindens offer one more ball!

OK, so that’s not how the traditional spring verse goes, but it seems appropriate given the Lab have offered one more opportunity for fun and mayhem at Winter Wonderland, with a final friendly Lindens vs residents snowball fight for the 2015/2016 winter season.

In the blog post announcing the event, Xiola Linden says:

We have to take advantage of the snowball fight arena at the Winter Wonderlands region before the snow fully melts – and we want you to come have ice-hurling fun with us on Friday, March 25th, from 10 am – Noon SLT and 2 – 4 PM SLT.  If you missed the last snowball fight now is your chance to come pelt some friends and Lindens with soft, fluffy balls of frozen fun. Grab your snow-launching weapons from the kiosks, get some practice in, and be sure to make the trek to the top of the ice castle to take in the amazing view.

So, if hurling snowballs via pistols, rifles and bazookas is your kind of fun (it is for Caitlyn and I!), then make a note on your calendars / in your diaries for Friday, March 25th at the times specified above!

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RFL 2016: A Stand for Hope in Second Life

via the A Stand for Hope website

Running through until Sunday, April 16th, is A Stand for Hope, in aid of Relay for Life of Second Life 2016. The event is in two parts: the Stand Up Best DJ on the Grid competition, and Hope: A 2016 Relay for Life Photography Exhibition.

Stand Up Best DJ Competition

Having kicked-off on March 12th, the Stand Up Best DJ competition is now reaching the final stages, which will take place over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday the 26th / 27th of March and the 2nd / 3rd of April respectively.

Each weekend for the last two weeks, seven DJs have been going head-to-head for they title of Best DJ on the Grid 2016 and a prize purse, providing the best in music and entertainment whilst raising money for RFL of SL in the process. The standings are determined by a combination of judges’ scores and total donations for RFL of SL raised; with two rounds still to go, you can see the overall standings here, and learn about the seven participating DJs.

The Stand for Hope Best in DJ venue offers a street party atmosphere
The Stand for Hope Best in DJ venue offers a street party atmosphere

The schedule for Best DJ can be found on the A Stand for Hope events calendar, and you can join in the fun, dancing and fund-raising at the Best DJ in SL street party venue in-world over the next two weekend, as noted above. Already over L$250,000 has been raised across the first two weekends of heats, so with our help, the competition could raise a cool L$500,000 (roughly US $2,000) for RFL of SL.

Hope: A Relay for Life Photo Exhibition

The Hope: A Relay for Life Photo Exhibition launches on Saturday, April 9th, and will run through until Saturday April 16th, inclusive. For the event, 25 Second Life photographers have paired with 25 cancer survivors and caregivers. The survivors and caregivers will share their story of dealing with the impact of cancer in their lives, with the photographers supplying a portrait of each of them.

The stories and portraits will be displayed in a special gallery from April 9th through 16th, and to help raise money for RFL of SL, a silent auction will be held during the exhibition period. In it, the photographers will be offering a portrait package / photo-shoot opportunity to their respective highest bidders. In addition, there will be the opportunity to bid on a spot in the autumn course with Visionaire Institute of Photography, and single portraits by special guest artists Skip Staheli, Magissa Denver, and Natzuka Miliandrovic.

You can find out more about the participating artists, survivors and caregivers via the A Stand for Hope website. In addition, I hope to preview the exhibition ahead of its opening on April 9th. You can also visit the 2015 Stand exhibition on-line, and read my review of that exhibition.

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Strawberries with Cica in Second Life

Cica Ghost: StrawberryLand
Cica Ghost: Strawberryland

Strawberryland, which opened on Wednesday, March 23rd, is the latest full region installation by Cica Ghost – and for those with a love of strawberries, it offers a feast for the eyes – a rolling field of them!

“I didn’t plan this,” Cica told me, as we discussed the build. “Every day in front of my building, I see a guy selling things [like strawberries].”  And so,as the gardener nurtures their planets and fruits (or pseudo fruits), Cica tended to this thought and a few others, growing them into another delightful installation for us to explore and enjoy, full of treats of its own.

Cica Ghost: StrawberryLand
Cica Ghost: Strawberryland

One thing the visitor will immediately notice is that this is no ordinary crop of strawberries; they are on a huge scale, as are most other things in the region (see the image below for a sense of size – not the figure standing near the tricycle). The latter take the form of stone-flagged terraces and large structures (one of which forms the landing point), connected by grassy trails.

Three of the terraces feature Cica’s familiar and delightful figures: on one, a woman pegs out her sheets to dry in a gusting wind, while on another two children stand with hands tightly gripping the strings of their balloons as the wind tries to snatch them away. Then, on the third, a man stands next to a wall, paintbrush in hand, splashes of colour on the wall – and his clothes and face – his expression suggesting he’d really rather be somewhere else.  Between two of these scenes stands a woman feeding a gaggle of geese, the wind catching her hair as she does so.

Cica Ghost: Strawberryland

Nor is this all that’s to be seen; the structures can be entered and explored, while giant children’s toys sit here and there, and everywhere places to sit can be found, be it on the huge leaves of strawberry plants or oversized picnic benches, or the toys and massive furnishings, while off to one side sits a little (comparatively speaking!) greenhouse in which a single strawberry plant grows.

With Cica’s signature characters and sense of whimsy, Strawberryland is a thoroughly enjoyable visit, delightful on the eye and bound to have you smiling.

Cica Ghost: StrawberryLand
Cica Ghost: StrawberryLand

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