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RFL Christmas Expo 2016


The annual RFL Christmas Expo opened its gates on December 1st, and will run through until December 12th. I’m not sure if it is me, but RFL events PR seems to have been a little low-key in 2016, to the point that this event almost entirely slipped my mind!

However, if it had by chance escaped your attention as well, there’s still the weekend to make the most of it, and to hop over, explore the four regions, buy goodies, join in the fun and donate to RFL of SL.

You can find details of participating creators through the Expo shopping guide, together with a schedule of entertainment, which include live performers and DJs, and there are fun activities such as photos with Santa, Expo sleigh tours, raffles, auctions and Gotyas still to be enjoyed, and much more besides, with all the details on the Christmas Expo website.

A highlight of the Expo is the Holidays of Hope Ball, now in its 7th year, which will take place on Sunday, December 11th, from 15:00 through 18:00 SLT.   There will be special raffle baskets for which tickets can be purchased, together with random door prizes, which in 2015 totalled almost L$50,000 in value, while the 2015 raffle baskets were each worth more than L$35,000 each and included items such as homes, designer outfits and L$5000 gift certificates among their goodies.

Holiday formal attire is requested for the Ball, which will take place at the Polar Express Grand Station, high over the Expo regions.

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All regions rated Moderate.




Second Life says, “Happy Birthday Star Trek!” in Trek for a Cure

The iconic starship - and you can celebrate Star Trek's 50th anniversary at Trek for a Cure through to September 11th, 2016

The iconic starship – and you can celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary at Trek For a Cure through to September 11th, 2016

Fifty years ago on September 8th, 1966, a new science-fiction show started airing on American television. Called simply Star Trek, it started as a humble weekly series which had already been through a difficult gestation period (1964-1966) and eventually lasted just three seasons – but went on to become a world-wide phenomenon, almost instantly recognisable in most countries and spawned a host of follow-on films and series, up to and including the re-imagining of the original under the guidance of J.J. Abrams and Justin Lin.

I’m an unbashed Star Trek fan. I wasn’t around when the Original Series first aired, but I did discover it in my teens, and was instantly attracted to the multi-cultural message aboard the Starship Enterprise and to Kirk’s buffness, Spock’s sexy-cool logic, and McCoy’s irascible nature and deeply human caring for others.

Trek For a Cure - celebrating 50 years of Star Trek

Trek For a Cure – celebrating 50 years of Star Trek

More than just science-fictiony drama (which at the time was pretty much summed up by The Monster Of The Week), Trek dared to challenged people to think. It offered commentary on events of the time – discrimination on the basis of race and / or colour, the dangers of military intervention, and so on. At the same time it offered a vision of the future where humanity really is a multi-cultural society driven by the ideals of tolerance, discovery and hope. Messages and ideals which are still very much relevant today as we see a world around us increasingly fragmented and divided.

Such is the show’s influence over the decades, that it is fitting to mark its anniversary – and for those of us who enjoy Trek and science fiction in-world – that the Second Life Sci-Fi Alliance is hosting a special Star Trek centric event for Relay for Life of Second Life. Trek For a Cure is taking place across three regions, each named for a famous planet from Trek lore: Vulcan, Qonos, and Risa, with the latter reflecting its role as a shore leave environment in The Next Generation by being the hub of Trek For a Cure’s entertainment.

A Galaxy class starship cruises by Trek For a Cure

A Galaxy class starship cruises by Trek For a Cure

Running through until Sunday, September 11th, the event is home to over 80 booths set up by residents to promote their Trek and sci-fi groups, content made in world  and services, with the added bonus of visitors being able to support RFL of Second Life.

The event schedule can be found at the SL Sci-Fi Alliance website, and the main teleport hub can be found at the centre of Risa – most of the facilities are on the ground, but the ballroom and the starships battle area are up in the sky.

So – if you’re a Trek fan, a sci-fi fan or simply want to support RFL of SL, why not head over the Trek For a Cure and celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary?

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All regions rated moderate.

RFL 2016: are you ready for the Weekend?

The RFL Weekend: looking out over the activities regions

The RFL Weekend 2016: looking out over the activities regions

The RFL of Second Life Relay Weekend for 2016 is upon us, and will feature everything one would expect from the event – walks, celebrations, remembrances, the luminaria ceremony, interviews, music, dance, and more, all in aid of the American Cancer Society in its efforts to eradicate cancer.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a couple of sneak peeks around the regions that make up this year’s walk, together with the activities regions, and they really are quite extraordinary this year, featuring some stunning builds and themes which are truly eye-catching.

Activities will kick off at 10:00 SLT on Saturday, July 16th and will feature 24 hours of themed laps, activities and entertainment. The weekend will wrap up with a party at 13:00 SLT Sunday, July 17th.

The Relay Weekend Regions

The Relay Weekend Regions

Event Highlights

Listed below are some of the main events scheduled for the weekend – but remember that there are relay laps, entertainment and more going on across the entire weekend, so please refer to the event schedule for full details. Information can also be found at the 2016 RFL Welcome Centre space station. All times are, as usual, SLT.

Saturday, July 16th 2016

  • 10:00 SLT Opening Ceremony:  The fun-filled weekend begins! Note you can access the ceremonies stage via two landing points: RFL Activities 1 and RFL Activities 3 
  • 11:00 SLT Celebrate: The first lap of Relay weekend begins with the celebrate ceremony.  A Survivor/Caregiver honour walk
  • 21:00 SLT Remember – The Luminaria Ceremony:  a solemn reflection with readings and inspirational music as the regions are darkened in remembrance of those and their loved ones who have lost their battles to cancer or are still battling it; all are invited to participate.  Please walk the track in silence

Sunday, July 17th 2016:

  • 06:00 SLT Fight Back: Collect your Fight Back Kits and Fight Back Flags available at the Relay Information Stations along the track, and pledge to save a life: your own, a friends, a family member, or someone you don’t even know yet
  • 10:00 SLT Closing Ceremony:  a closing tribute to al that RFL of SL has accomplished.
The Relay Weekend Welcome Centre

The Relay Weekend Welcome Centre

Useful Landmarks

The following landmarks will also carry you directly to locations of particular interest in the RFL regions:

Mega Events

The RFL mega events are also represented along the RFL track:

Be sure to stop by there and find out more about them as well.

The Fantasy Faire location seen under night-time lighting

Part of the Fantasy Faire location seen under night-time lighting

Where To Start

If you’re new to RFL of SL weekends, probably the best place to start is the space station Welcome Area, mentioned above, or the American Cancer Society region or the RFL Information Centre. All three provide a range of information to help you get started.

So, are you ready to Relay?

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Unmasking a Cure Medieval Faire in Second Life

Unmasking a Cure - Medieval Faire - Jousting

Unmasking a Cure – Medieval Faire – Jousting

The 2nd annual Unmasking a Cure Medieval Faire  opened its gates on Friday, June 17th, and will run through until Sunday, June 26th.  Whether you are into medieval role-play or not, the Faire is offering a host of events and activities right throughout the week, with something for just about everyone to try or enjoy – all with the aim of raising funds for RFL of SL.

Unmasking a Cure - Medieval Faire - the village

Unmasking a Cure – Medieval Faire – the village

The event, organised by a dedicated team of Unmasking A Cure RFL Team volunteers, features a wide range of events and activities and a programme of entertainments. There is, for example, the 4th annual UAC Grand Joust and the Round Robin En Garde! tournament, which is open to anyone for a L$150 donation to RFL of SL. There are also melees, mounted archery, horse races, live entertainment, DJs … for the complete programme, it’s probably best to refer to the Faire’s Events pages.

Unmasking a Cure - Medieval Faire - En Garde! tournament

Unmasking a Cure – Medieval Faire – En Garde! tournament

Activities are focused around the Village square with its merchant stalls providing a host of Medieval goodies, including special items available through RFL vendors.  Around this sit the main event areas for the Faire – the jousting tilts, the start of the relay horse racing track, the melee battleground and the En Garde! tournament area, together with meadows and gardens in which to enjoy quieter moments.

Unmasking a Cure - Medieval Faire - the meadow

Unmasking a Cure – Medieval Faire – the meadow

You can find out more about the DJs and the live entertainers through the Unmasking a Cure website, as well is obtaining more information on participating in activities.  So, in a week when entertainment, celebrations and fun are liable to be foremost in people’s mind, why not take time to go all Medieval, and help Unmask a Cure?

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