Of snowball fights and premium discounts in Second Life

Winter Wonderland - the snowball fight Arena awaits
Winter Wonderland – the snowball fight Arena awaits

The Lab has been awash with blog posts this last week. There was news of  a new Marketplace promotion – the 12 Days Of Savings, which launched on Wednesday, December 14th and runs through to December 25th. It sees the Lab hook-up with selected content creators to offer up to 70% off selected goods for the period.

That was followed by the announcement of the Jolly Holiday Crawl, and a chance to meeting Linden staff as they hop across wintry regions before retiring to Winter Wonderland for the time-honoured residents vs Lab snowball fight.

The Jolly Holiday Crawl will start at 1:00 SLT on Monday, December 19th, and conclude at :12:00 SLT at the Winter Wonderland, ready for the snowball engagement at Winter Wonderland, which will continue through to 14:00 SLT (officially!). There’s a special gift on offer for those taking part, and the itinerary reads as follows (all times SLT):

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

To coincide with the above, and the opening of the all new Portal Parks (see my post here for more), the Lab officially announced the re-opening of Winter Wonderland on Thursday, December 15th, together with an end-of-year Premium Membership discount drive.

The five regions of Winter Wonderland offer the Village of Lights (with the main landing point), the snow track for snowboard and snowmobiles (rezzers at the starting point), the skating rinks, Ferris wheel, walks in the snow, and – of course – the snowball fight arena.

The Premium Membership discount is this time in respect of the Quarterly  Billing plan, and relates to 50% off your first payment under that plan.  (all subsequent payments will be at the standard rate), and provides all the usual Premium perks. In addition, new and existing Premium members can claim yet another premium gift, which this time also includes a Premium Badge which unlocks exclusive options at Winter Wonderland (e.g. upgrading snowball weapons in the snowball arena).

For those who are interested in the Premium Membership offer, it expires on January 2nd 2017, at 08:00 SLT – be sure to read the small print on both the official blog post and the Premium sign-up page.


Lab: one last friendly battle before the snow melts in Second Life

Winter Wonderland snowball fight arena - a spring challenge from the Lab
Winter Wonderland snowball fight arena – a spring challenge from the Lab

Spring is sprung, the grass is ris,
I wonder what that white stuff is?
It’s snow a-plenty, and fun for all,
And so the Lindens offer one more ball!

OK, so that’s not how the traditional spring verse goes, but it seems appropriate given the Lab have offered one more opportunity for fun and mayhem at Winter Wonderland, with a final friendly Lindens vs residents snowball fight for the 2015/2016 winter season.

In the blog post announcing the event, Xiola Linden says:

We have to take advantage of the snowball fight arena at the Winter Wonderlands region before the snow fully melts – and we want you to come have ice-hurling fun with us on Friday, March 25th, from 10 am – Noon SLT and 2 – 4 PM SLT.  If you missed the last snowball fight now is your chance to come pelt some friends and Lindens with soft, fluffy balls of frozen fun. Grab your snow-launching weapons from the kiosks, get some practice in, and be sure to make the trek to the top of the ice castle to take in the amazing view.

So, if hurling snowballs via pistols, rifles and bazookas is your kind of fun (it is for Caitlyn and I!), then make a note on your calendars / in your diaries for Friday, March 25th at the times specified above!

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Flash: Lindens and Moles in Winter Wonderland meet-up?

Winter Wonderland village - Linden and Mole meet-up?
Winter Wonderland village – Linden and Mole meet-up?

There are rumours circulating that members of the Lab and a number of moles will be present at the Winter Wonderland, near the landing area and later at the snowball fight arena.

The rumours appear to originate with Patch Linden, who is reported to have been heard whispering:

Today at around 11am SLT we’re going to be doing a Linden/Mole meet and greet in the Winter Wonderland regions near the landing area.  We’ll probably hang out there for a bit handing out gifts and then we’re going to spend the rest of the afternoon in the snowball arena.

So, if you’re looking for something to do, why not hop over to the Winter Wonderland and see if the rumours are true?