kokua-logoNicky Perian announced the release of Kokua on Tuesday, March 1st 2016.

The update sees Kokua gain parity with the latest release version of the viewer from Linden Lab (version (Maintenance release) at the time of writing), and also with the February 26th release of RLV version 2.9.16 from Marine Kelley.

Not that if you are currently still using a test version of the viewer, the automatic update feature will not function. A separate download and install is required.

CEF Updates

This release incorporates the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) updates for media from the Lab, as well as the assorted crash and bug fixes from the Maintenance release. Also included for CEF are a series of contributed updates for Linux, coming by way of Drakeo and including work by Nicky Dasmijn of Firestorm and Henri Beauchamp of CoolVL. Commenting on this, Nicky points out:

Drakeo’s development focus is media and providing Slackware viewer packages. Upstream CEF frequently issues security updates and Drakeo puts those into his own Slackware packaged viewers and contributes updates to Kokua. These security updates from CEF come more often than the Kokua release cycle, however, our Test viewers can be used to maintain a level of currency. Please remember that Linux viewers are Alpha and that is even more the case now that we no longer have the benefit of Linden Lab’s Quality Assurance run through of new features added to Linux viewers. We do our best to provide stable Linux viewers, but with the vast number of Linux distributions problems will occur that may not have timely solutions.

Inventory Updates

Transferable Items Filter

Kokua 4.0.1 includes a new Transferable Items Only inventory search filter. When active, this will limit the main inventory display to transfer enabled items only.

To prevent possible confusion / worry about inventory loss, the option does not persist between log-in sessions when enabled.

The new Transferable Items Only filter for inventory searches
The new Transferable Items Only filter will display only those items which are transfer enabled in your inventory

OpenSim Exportable Parameter

Kokua 4.0.1 adds an Exportable parameter to the Item Profile floater for OpenSim grids, allowing content creators to easily mark items they build as being exportable to other grids. The option is not displayed by the floater when logged-in to Second Life.

The OpenSim only Exportable parameter
The OpenSim only Exportable parameter

Do Not Let Me Fly

A new option added to Preferences  > Kokua and to the Commands menu is Do Not Let Me Fly. As the name suggests, when checked, it prevents your avatar from flying even where flying is enabled.  The option is specifically intended for use in combat zones where flying within the region may still be enabled, to prevent any risk of accidentally flying (such as when jumping an obstacle) and interrupting the combat flow.

The Do Not Fly option will prevent you avatar for accidentally flying whilst still allowing Page Up to be used for jumping
The Do Not Let Me Fly option will prevent you avatar for accidentally flying whilst still allowing Page Up to be used for jumping

Under the Hood

In addition to the above, the release includes numerous under the hood improvements and updates, all of which are listed in the downloadable change log for those interested.

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Artists and solitude in Second Life

Hana Hoo, Solitudes, CKB Gallery
Hana Hoo, Solitudes, CKB Gallery

Opening on Sunday, March 6th at noon SLT is an ensemble exhibition entitled Solitudes, which is taking place at  CK Ballyhoo’s CKB Gallery on Mistwood Isle.

On display are works by Whimsical Aristocrat, Jamisson Burnstein, Sera Galaxy, Hana Hoo, Rawnie Lane, Johannes1977, Peep Sideshow, Ceakay Ballyhoo and myself. As the title of the exhibition suggests, each artist’s works (three each) on the theme of solitude. Such are the different approaches each of us takes to our work, the result is a broad range of images, each set of pictures distinct from the others, yet all recognisably linked by the theme.

Sera Galaxy - Solitudes, CKB Gallery
Sera Galaxy – Solitudes, CKB Gallery

From avatar studies through ethereal, story-like images, to landscapes and sea views, the exhibition is set out on the slightly fog-bound beach at Mistwood Isle, the fog adding an appropriate level of atmosphere given the theme of the display.

“For this exposition I’ve asked some of my favourite SL-Flickr photographers to join me in displaying works around the theme Sollitude,” CK says of the exhibition, “I find it exciting to work with a theme and have guest artists at the gallery, because nobody looks at a theme in the same way and it is interesting to find other people’s take on things. The many different styles and angles are always a joy to discover!”

Solitudes, CKB Gallery
Solitudes, CKB Gallery

The opening will feature the music of Lisa Brune, and the exhibition itself runs through until the end of the month.

For myself,  I’m very honoured to have my pieces displayed among such a gathering of talent; particularly given some of them are artists I know well and admire for their incredible work. My thanks to CK for allowing me to be a part of it.

Solitudes, CKB Gallery
Solitudes, CKB Gallery

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Remembering Latif Khalifa

Latif's profile, March 4th, 2016, as updated by his SL partner Kr
Latif’s profile, March 4th, 2016, as updated by his SL partner Krintina Deschanel

I’ve received word through Thoys Pan and Dahlia Trimble that Latif Khalifa has passed away after losing his battle against a long illness.

A software engineer by profession and known in Second Life and OpenSimulator as an enthusiastic technologist, content creator, and viewer developer, he was responsible for the popular Radegast open metaverse lightweight client, as well as contributing to third-party viewer development, notably through Singularity, from which he forked his own viewer, Replex, in 2014.

I first got to know Latif as a result of my growing interest in the viewer ecosystem within Second Life. In fact, it was partially through his encouragement and the conversations we had, that I started blogging about viewers in greater and more informed detail. We became better acquainted in 2011 as he was enhancing Radegast and preparing for the release of Radegast 2.0, and I was privileged to be able to preview the work on several occasions. We also enjoyed many discussions on a range of subjects inside and outside of Second Life, something which led Latif into inviting me to join his Advanced Worlds Group in SL.

Occasionally irascible in the heat of impassioned discussion, Latif more than compensated for this with a generous heart and supporting nature, always willing to offer a helping hand, words of encouragement and friendship.

Commenting on Google+ after hearing the news, Dahlia Trimble said:

I’m very sad to hear that we lost Latif Kalifa

Latif was a good friend and collaborator. He was very helpful when I was implementing mesh physics, materials support, and particle system enhancements in OpenSimulator and also contributed many other fixes and enhancements He was the primary maintainer for libopenmetaverse for the last several years. He was the primary developer of the Radegast viewer which, among other features, had many features for the visually impaired. He was also a major contributor to PHP. His passing is a huge loss to me and I’m sure it is for the field of virtual worlds as well.

Doubtless, many within the metaverse community, including myself, will feel the same way on hearing the news. My condolences to his family, Kristina and all those closest to him at this time.

Travel to OZ and celebrate Oz in Second Life

OZ Nightclub
OZ Nightclub, Armenelos, Calas Galadhon

OZ Night Club, floating in the sky over Calas Galadhon park,  is one of the most popular romantic music venues in SL. Music in the high art deco-styled night club is from the late 20s, 30s, early 40s with more recent jazz, pop and occasional country to round things off nicely.

Now into is fourth year, OZ has just had something of a revamp, and to celebrate the new look Ty Tenk, Truck Meredith, Kerena, Alicia and Romie are throwing open the doors for a special Wizard of Oz celebration night on Friday, March 4th from 19:00 SLT!

Featuring the music of HammerFLA Magic, the Wizard of Oz Ball invites one and all to come in costume, and the Calas team can’t wait to see everyone. Not only is there music and dancing, there’s also opportunities for photos on the yellow brick road!. Simply step out on the terrace and find your way to the platform with a great OZ backdrop and poses for couples, singles, and groups!

OZ Nightclub
OZ Nightclub, Armenelos, Calas Galadhon

So – don your ruby slippers and click on the SLurl below.

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