Tarot scenes and unfolding stories in Second Life

Escenas or Scenes
Escenas / Scenes: Decisiones / Decisions

Currently on display at MetaLES through until the 28th of November, is the second part of a four-part series by Ux Hax and Romy Nayar entitled Escenas / Scenes. Each of the four installations offers a specific scene, potentially all from the same story, but not necessarily presented in chronological order.

I confess to having missed the first scene – entitled EL Tiempo / The Time, which ran from November 1st through 14th, although Ziki’s Questi’s coverage was enough to pique my curiosity. Subtitled  I do not look, do not find you, that we would have mattered while ago…, the piece was at once suggestive of a story in and of itself, albeit on a gigantic scale, possibly influenced by  the classic Major Arcana of the occult Tarot in the form of The Hermit, who appeared within the tableau, together with a clock which appeared to be representing death and standing as a backdrop for the struggles of an old woman who seemed to be losing her fight to escape a sandy mire.

Escenas or Scenes
Escenas / Scenes: Decisiones / Decisions

Now, the second scene, Decisiones / Decisions, brings the tarot and occult influences more to the fore. Subtitled The crow pointed  the way, but the fortune get me away, the installation is once again on a gigantic scale, and features within it several more of the Major Arcana: Justice, The Chariot, The Hanged Man and The Devil.

Together these form what seems to be the outline of a narrative as Justice, her scales sitting on the Chariot, attempts to reach The Hanged Man, surrounded by the wheel of fortune, repeated several times over. Nearby, The Devil rises from the depths, a hand outstretched, possibly intent on stopping her.

All are additionally watched over by a crow, itself a symbol of witchcraft, mysticism and the occult, being variously seen as harbingers and communicators, and various associated with death, mystery, and magic (and The Magician is another of the Major Arcana), as well as being regarded as embodiment of The Trickster. Which capacity this crow fulfils is impossible to tell. Perhaps, as the subtitle suggests, it is telling / pointing the way. Or perhaps it is The Trickster, warning us that all is not quite as it seems.

Escenas or Scenes
Escenas / Scenes: Decisiones / Decisions

I offer absolutely no attempt at interpretation of the scene – I leave that to you when you visit, or for the remaining scenes to unfold and bring their own narratives. What I will say, however, is that when I refer to these installations being on gigantic scale, I mean just that. The figures within them are huge, as the image of me standing alongside the chariot / cart bearing the scales of justice (above) will hopefully show.

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