Mont Saint Michel still in Second Life

Mont Saint-Michel
Mont Saint Michel

Update: November 21st: and Mont Saint Michel is once again back on the grid, same SLurl.

Update: October 10th, 2016: almost a year after it had first been indicated the region was closing, Mont St Michel has now gone from Second Life. Tyche Shepherd noted its depature during her August end-of-month survey of the grid.

Reader Petr Hastings-Vanbeeck contacted me on Monday, November 2nd concerning Mont Saint Michel in Second Life, and passed me some – for the time being, at least – good news.

In September, and following Ciaran Laval’s lead, I reported the region would apparently be closing at the start of October, the news of the closure having been given by Moeka Kohime via her Flickr stream.

“I just discovered that Mont Saint Michel is still open,” Petr informed me. “I am standing at the cathedral on the hill.”

And indeed, a quick hop across to the region reveals that it is indeed all intact, complete with Moeka’s *Edwelweiss* next to the landing point.  So what has happened? Has Moeka decided to keep the region operating following the outpouring of support which followed the closure announcement, or is this just a temporary reprieve?

Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel

Answering these questions isn’t easy; Moeka doesn’t reply to IMs, and her Flickr stream hasn’t been updated since the announcement was posted. However, questions have been left in the comments in the hope she will reply.

In the meantime, if you’re keen for a further (or first) visit to this marvellous reproduction of the famous French historical landmark, now might be a good idea, just in case it may still be scheduled to vanish.

My thanks to Petr for contacting me about the region’s continuance.

SLurl Details

Mont Saint Michel (Rated: Moderate)

Art in Hats: supporting diabetes treatment in Second Life

Art in Hats 2015
Art in Hats 2015

Art in Hats returns to Second Life this November, forming a flagship event for Team Diabetes of Second Life, the official representative of the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Running from November 4th through until the 14th included, the events sees Emma Portilo, taking over from Quan Lavender with the latter’s blessing, take the reins,  ably supported by Chloe Seljan and Johannes1977 Resident, who will be coordinating entertainment throughout the event, and Jessii2009 Warrhol managing the PR. The event itself will take place in stylish region designed by Kimmera Madison.

Art in Hats 2015
Art in Hats 2015

Over 70 designers are taking place in this year’s activities, and all of the hats will be available for purchase by visitors, with 100% of proceeds from sales going to the ADA, as will money raised through a special Charity Auction which will close the event on Saturday, November 14th.

Art in Hats will open to the public on Wednesday, November 4th at 06:00 SLT, and there will be featured DJ sessions every day through to Friday November 6th.

The Grand Opening for the event will take place on Saturday November 7th, at 12:00 noon SLT, and will be followed at 16:00 SLT by the Grand Opening Fashion Show and then at 20:00 SLT by the Art In Hats 2015 Event Gala.

Art in Hats
Art in Hats 2015

Highlights for Sunday, November 8th include Josie Anderton singing live at 14:00 SLT, followed by the Bring it On! Styling Contest at 15:00 SLT, in which the public is invited to show off the hats they have created on the Art in Hats stage, with random gifts will be given during the show. Sunday’s activities will round-out with the Style it Party: dance and wear your own hat to the music of DJ John, with the best in style prize awarded by popular vote during the event.

Music events will then continue through until Saturday, November 14th, and the close of Art in Hats. This will feature a final fashion show at 16:00 SLT, with the Public Hat Contest winners announced and prizes for the top two designs awarded at 18:00 SLT, followed by the Charity Auction in support of The American Diabetes Association featuring unique hats donated by creators. The event will then draw to a close with the Final Chance Shopping Party at 22:00 SLT, offering attendees a final opportunity to buy the hats they like, raise more money for ADA, and dance.

For a full line-up of activities and entertainment, be sure to check-out the Art in Hats 2015 schedule.

About Arts in Hats and Team Diabetes of Second Life

Founded in 2013 by Quan Lavender, the initial event offered a means for SL couture designers and artists to present images of hats as statement of art, each with a story to tell. In 2014, over 100 hats and their paired images displayed by designers and photographers, with Art in Hats supporting the work of Feed A Smile.

TD-logoSome 387 million people globally live with diabetes, and the World Health Organisation estimates that diabetes could be the 7th leading cause of death by 2030.

Founded by Jessi2009 Warrhol and Johannes1977 Resident, Team Diabetes is the official and authorised team of the American Diabetes Association in Second Life. Functioning as an advisory board, Team Diabetes of Second Life comprises members Jessii2009 Warrhol, Johannes1977 Resident, Emma Portilo, Veruca Tammas, Sandie Loxingly, Rob Fenwitch and Earth Nirvana, with Saiyge Lotus serving as special advisor to the board.

Team Diabetes of Second Life’s mission is to raise awareness of diabetes, promote greater understanding of the issues those suffering from diabetes face, and to raise funds to further research into cures for diabetes.

SLurl Details

  • Art in Hats, Crestwood Acres (Rated: Moderate) – note this SLurl will not be generally available until Art in Hats opens on Wednesday, November 4th