Love is … at the Living Room in Second Life

Gidgy Buckshot (Gidgy Adagio) - The Living Room
Gidgy Buckshot (Gidgy Adagio) – The Living Room

November sees Gidgy Buckshot (Gidgette Adagio) arrive at The Living Room Gallery and music venue with an exhibition of work entitled Love Is…  – and it is a sheer joy.

Many may be familiar with the title, Love Is…, as being used in the cartoon series by the late Kim Casali. This is no accident, as Gidgy explains, “When I was a little girl, my Great Grandmother used to collect a comic strip called “love is”. She’d cut out the comics and tape them into an album. I spent hours looking through her scrapbook. This series is dedicated to my Great Grams. How I miss those moments with her.”

Gidgy Buckshot (Gidgy Adagio) - The Living Room
Gidgy Buckshot (Gidgy Adagio) – The Living Room

Taking their lead from the original cartoons, Gidgy’s pictures present a whimsical and delightful set of scenes shoot with her partner, Wilberforce Buckshot (WilberforceBuckshot). Some of these, like the originals, have been taken with the couple naked, while all of them express the joys of being in love, be it when greeting your partner as they return from a trip, caring for them whilst they are ill, sharing a daring pastime together, missing them when they are absent – even discovering one of their naughty secrets (the Interwebz have a lot to answer for, above right!).

In all, 13 images are presented, all of them for sale, and together they give a charming and touching insight into the lives of Gidy and Wilburforce as an older couple still very much full of the youthful joys of love.

As well as the Love Is… series, and located on the floors above and below it, are further examples of Gidy’s photography which reveal more of her talent, offering a set of visually stunning studies of avatars.

Gidgy Buckshot (Gidgy Adagio) - The Living Room
Gidgy Buckshot (Gidgy Adagio) – The Living Room

Love Is … is a wonderful display of art which captures the essence of the original comic series and offers it through the lens of Second Life in a way that cannot fail to bring a smile to the lips. Alongside of it,  the display of Gidgy’s more formal work present a powerful contrast in styles and approach, and which demonstrate a formidable eye for composition and artistic statement. Together, the two aspects of this exhibition make it one not to be missed.

November will also see Owl, Daallee and Nora hosting musics events at The Living Room, featuring Billy Thunders at 17:00 SLT on Thursday, November 12th, followed by The Vinnie Show at 18:00 SLT. Then, on Tuesday, November 24th, Wald Schridde will be closing out Gidgy’s exhibition with a live show at 18:00 SLT.

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SL project updates 45/1: server, viewer

Sorrow, Paper Dinosaurs; Inara Pey, October 2015, on Flickr Sorrow, Paper Dinosaurs (Flickr) – blog post

Server Deployments Week 45

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread for the latest information and feedback.

  • On Tuesday, November 3rd, the Main (SLS) channel received the server maintenance package previously deployed to BlueSteel and LeTigre, comprising a simulator crash fix
  • On Wednesday, November 4th, all three RC channel received a new server maintenance package comprising a fix for group invite throttle notifications, and an internal server code clean-up.

Part of the code-clean up for the RC channels deployment appears to involve a fix for the region edge issue I reported on in my week 44 report, with Simon Linden commenting at the Simulator User Group meeting on Tuesday, November 3rd, “The new code going into RC has one interesting tool in it for our support staff … there’s a sim console command to reset the land edges to match what’s visible.”

SL Viewer Updates

The HTTP release candidate viewer (Project Azumarill) updated to version on Monday, November 2nd, possibly the last update before this viewer gets promoted to the de facto viewer in week #46.

Group Issues

There are a number of issues with groups the Lab is aware of, including those who are ejected from a group whilst in a group chat session still being able to continue using the chat until they close the window (see SVC-32), an issue not fully resolved when group bans were introduced.

This issue is one that the Lab is hoping to address, however, it is dependent upon some infrastructure changes being made, so may now happen in the immediate future, although the hope is to get the underpinning work done “pretty soon”.