Kokua 3.8.6: notify me

kokua-logoOn Tuesday, November 17th, Nicky Perian announced the release of Kokua,  which brings the popular SL and OpenSim viewer to parity with both recent Linden Lab code releases and with Marine Kelley’s RLV,  while including some additional tweaks from the Kokua team.

The release was preceded by a test release version focused on integrating the most recent updates for RLV in order to ensure there were no unpredictable outcomes from multiple merges, etc. A request was put to Kokua users to assist in testing that pre-release, which saw around 600 people respond and download the viewer. Their feedback formed the basis for additional refinements to the code leading up to this release, with Nicky passing on his personal thanks to all of those who participated.

The Lab code releases in the Kokua 3.8.6 comprise:

  • Release, dated October 13th – an Maintenance release comprising 90+ fixes, updates and feature requests from the Lab (release notes)
  • Release, dated October 26th – the notifications viewer, incorporating the new notifications floater (release notes).

Notifications Update

The notifications update presents a new floater for managing all your incoming notifications and notices, the result of a feature request to the Lab from Aki Shichiroji.  This sees incoming notifications split between four tabs: System, Transactions, Invitations and Group, with each tab displaying the total number of notices stored within it.

Kokua 3.8.6 incorporates the Lab's new notifications floater, itself the result of a feature request from Aki
Kokua 3.8.6 incorporates the Lab’s new notifications floater, itself the result of a feature request from Aki Shichiroji

Clicking on an individual notice, or the down arrow to the right of a notification will open the details within the preview panel. Individual notices can also be closed by clicking the X to the right of them. The two buttons at the foot of the floater will either collapse all “open” notifications within the current tab, or deleted them all from the tab.

The RLV updates bring Kokua fully up to par with RLV 2.9.15, including the hotfix release of on November 9th intended to correct BUG-10601.

The Kokua team contributions for this release comprise:

  • Uploading a Blender generated dae, and NOT retaining material group order (see Bug 10326)
  • OpenSim update –  Set Lag Meter Server section to operate at 11 fps.

There are a number of known issues with this release – please refer to the Kokua 3.8.6 release notes for details.

I confess to (once again) not having have that much time to drive this release due to having a busy schedule at the moment. However, when I was able to run it however (sans RLV active), I encountered no significant issues. My apologies (also again) to Nicky for not having spent more time using the release ahead of this summary review.

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One thought on “Kokua 3.8.6: notify me

  1. The new-style Notifications floater is a huge change, and it also in the latest Firestorm. I can’t make my mind up about it, from my PoV as an ordinary user, it seems to have come out of nowhere. And I am left wondering if it is worth the bother.

    It’s a design issue. The current system seems to be good at making something that works, but I find myself wondering if that is the only design question that can be asked. Viewers in general, building on the SL viewer core, seem to have a streak of design incoherence.

    An old example: Windows has had a choice of possible colour schemes for a hugely long time. Some, combined with mouse-pointer variations, are explicitly designed for imperfect vision. The old V1 viewer had several alternative colour schemes. Then along comes Viewer 2, and it all vanishes, leaving a rather drab colour scheme. There’s a third-party add-on that gives you a choice: the code is obviously in the viewer to handle alternatives. Most of the enhanced viewers have alternative colour schemes. But Linden Lab don’t bother.

    That suggests some bad design thinking. If they can’t manage something that obvious, what are they playing at?

    And I wonder if some of the other odd choices, all the way back through the history of SL, come from imperfect artistic thinking. The basic AV mesh isn’t bad, but we end up with hyper-tall, ill-proportioned humans. There are problems with distortion of the mesh at some slider settings. Some of those flaws could be fixed without changing the UV mapping that links the texture to the avatar surface, yet we’re told the problem can’t be fixed because we’d have to throw away all the old textures.

    Does Linden Lab have the design talent to get a better start with Project Sansara?


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