Holly Kai Park: the gardens

The Garden at Holly Kai Park
The Garden at Holly Kai Park

The last few days have been a tad busy for me, hence the slow-down in blog posts. When in-world, I’ve been pushing ahead with the Holly Kai project in order to get more things finished and ready for the re-launch in December.

I’ve already written about the work in the park itself – there’s still some more to be completed with this; notably the live voice area for readings, etc. However, I decided to get the garden area laid-out as well, rather than dragging the project out. This may not open to art exhibitions until the New Year, but the work is now mostly complete, and the gardens are open for visitors.

The Garden at Holly Kai Park: studio gallery
The Garden at Holly Kai Park: studio gallery

Located in the north-east corner of Holly Kai, the garden area has a formal layout to contrast with the wilderness look of the park. It includes  its own mooring slip for boats, located on the north side of the parcel. From this, visitors can access the gardens directly, or via the refreshments terrace, which offer seating and suchlike.

Within the garden are two further terraces, which are intended for artists applying to display in the garden and sit across from the gallery studio, which will be the home for the Artist in Residence. With Mediterranean Cypress trees, hedgerows and flowerbeds laid out around the garden, and with cobbled paths, seating and a koi pond, we hope the garden will be a suitably relaxing place to visit. Getting between it and the park also couldn’t be easier; a path in the south-west corner of the garden links the two, and can be reached via the park trail behind the pavilion for those coming to the garden from the park.

The Garden at Holly Kai Park: link path from park to Garden
The Garden at Holly Kai Park: link path from park to Garden

There will inevitably be the nips and tucks over the coming week or so, such as adding more ambient sounds, seating places in the park, etc., but by-and-large the core work should now be finished. Next up is the park blog, which will be used to carry news of exhibitions, in both the park and the garden, and live events at the pavilion and at Caitinara Bar, as well as carrying news in general about Holly Kai Park.

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