Touring Tillicum Island

Tillicum Island; Inara Pey, March 2015, on Flickr Tillicum Island (Flickr) – click any image for full size

Tillicum Island has been designed specifically for photographers, and it shows. A full region, it is the work of Tinker Drew and her partner, Scott Yedmore, most of which is open to the public; a place where people can come and explore, take photographs and simply enjoy.

The landscape is a rich mix of sandy beach, wooded grasslands, rugged highlands and split by a deep gorge. Scattered across this landscape are a number of buildings, from a tall lighthouse standing atop a small headland in the north-west corner of the island, through to Scott’s and Tinker’s private home, located in the south-east corner. Central to these is a walled terrace, which forms the landing point for the region, gateways on two sides inviting visitors to start their explorations as birds chirp and sing from trees and benches, head cocked occasionally to watch human comings and goings.

Tillicum Island; Inara Pey, March 2015, on Flickr Tillicum Island (Flickr)

A path from one of the gateways offers passage out towards the tall finger of the lighthouse, branching before it reaches the natural stone bridge out to the headland, to offer a path onto the west-facing beach. An old brick and wood building sits back and slightly above the beach, offering visitors a place to sit either indoor our on the front terrace, while a sandy path lit by paper lanterns presents a walk out onto the low causeway that forms one arm of the channel which splits the land in two.

Leave the landing point terrace via the other gate, and there are a choice of possible exploratory routes, one of which will quickly take you up a set of steps to the back door of the building overlooking the beach, while another will take you up to the stone bridge spanning the rocky gorge splitting the land in two. Here, on the south side of the island sits Scott and Tinker’s private residence, as mentioned above; the one place on the island where there is a sign asking people to respect their privacy and not to trespass. This overlooks the rest of the headland, which open to the public as it falls away to the sea to the west, more steps leading down to a sandy bar, at the end of which sits a little wood-built bath house.

Tillicum Island; Inara Pey, March 2015, on Flickr Tillicum Island (Flickr) – click any image for full size

The southern highlands of the region offer a further terraced area, complete with an Edwardian folly and, for those who spot it, a way down into a small network of tunnels and caverns under the rocks. These can also be reached / left via a door overlooking further building on the north-east side of the island.

Opportunities for photographs exist right across the island, indoors and out, above ground and in the caverns. The landscaping is such that a wide variety of windlight settings can be used to great effect. With plenty of places to sit with friends or to spend time with someone close to you, Tillicum Island has a lot to offer visitors.

Tillicum Island; Inara Pey, March 2015, on Flickr Tillicum Island (Flickr)

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