SL project updates week 9/1: server, viewer

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Server Deployments, Week 9

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread for the latest news and updates.

  • There was no deployment to the Main (SLS) channel on Tuesday, February 24th
  • On Wednesday, February 25th, all three RC channels will receive the same server maintenance package, which comprises:
    • A server-side fix for BUG-8297, “Unable to teleport anywhere using SLGO”
    • Improvement to server logging.

The SL Go teleport issue only affected users running the SL Viewer (SLV) supplied by OnLive, who run the SL Go service (it did not affect those using Firestorm on SL Go), and was the result of a recent server-side code clean-up which meant that OnLive’s SLV was essentially using an invalid channel name when instigating teleports, causing them to fail.

OnLive implemented a workaround for the issue on their side of things on February 3rd, however, the update included in the RC package noted above provides a fix on LL’s side of the connection as well.

SL Viewer

On Tuesday, February 24th, the Maintenance RC viewer, version, was promoted to the de facto release viewer.  This release includes a large number of improvements and fixes to the viewer, as listed in the release notes.

This currently leaves just the new log-in viewer RC (version released on February 17th) and the Experience Tools RC (version last updated on January 15th) in the release channel for the time being.

Experience Keys / Tools

The initial release of Experience Keys / Tools is still awaiting various back-end updates to clear the Lab’s QA department, with the viewer remaining at RC status until that happens (see above). As previously noted in my Experience Keys reports, the initial release of the functionality will not support grid-wide experiences, although are likely to be on the roadmap for future enhancements.

Once released, the current iteration of the functionality is liable to be allowed to run for a number of months before the Lab starts making  (or releasing) updates, with Oz Linden commenting at the Simulator User Group meeting on Tuesday, February 24th, “there will be another round of improvements to Experiences at some point, but we’re going to give the first round some time to be adopted before we go too far with those.”

Group Chat

Group chat work is continuing, with the recent changes to handling server lock-ups reducing the number of reported freezes.

Simon Linden is also continuing to look at the code side of things, and specifically issues with group chat visibly “stalling” which switching between chat tabs and / or as a result of moving between regions. This work has been the subject of a series of “mini-tests” during the Server Beta User Group meetings held on Thursdays, and resulted in some recent code updates. Commenting on this at the SUG meeting, Simon said, “The new code also showed me details about one way the system fails, so I hope to make that better at recovering,” so further updates can likely be expected, although this may not be as broadly visible to many users as the initial group chat improvements.

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  1. Will you review the latest LL viewer? Some as me , can not access any official Second Life webpage due to firewall restrictions and even if ill download it asap. would like to see a review of it as well.


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