Do it in a dress – a campaign for education


I don’t usually blog on fashion in SL, but this is something special, and I extend my thanks to Strawberry Singh for bringing it to my attention.

66 million girls around the world are not in school simply because of their gender. Do it in a Dress is an Australian-led campaign run by One Girl which is helping to change this by raising money to help educate young girls in Sierra Leone, a country where only one in six girls aged 11 or over receives an education.

The blue design from Juno Mertel in  the Do It In A Dress range
The blue design and blouse from Juno Mantel in the Do It In A Dress range

Designer Juno Mantel has now brought the campaign to Second Life.

Under the Do it in a Dress banner, Juno is offering a vintage school dress, available in 5 individual colours, for L$250 (or whatever over that you’d like to pay) – with 100% of the purchase prices going directly to the campaign.

The dress is mesh, and includes and alpha layer. A demo is available for those who wish to try before they buy. Both the dress and the demo can be obtained from the special display in Juno’s store,  and for those who don’t wish to buy the dress, they can contribute directly through Juno’s campaign page, where the total raised to date can be tracked.

Men, women and children have been joining the Do it in a Dress campaign, which is held annually in the physical world every October. Since it started in 2001, it has raised over AU$326,800, helping to educate 1089 young girls in Sierra Leone, where the average cost of a girl’s education amounts to AU$300.

Now’s the chance for avatars to join in the effort as well, with Juno’s campaign running from through to December 7th. When you’ve purchased your dress, why not show-off photos of you wearing it around SL on the Do it in a Dress Flickr group? and remember, guys, this is one for you as well!

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