SL project updates week 40/2: server, viewer, CDN news, group chat update

Square Pegs, Round Holes, Kashmir Dreams; Inara Pey, September 2014, on FlickrSquare Pegs, Round Holes, Kashmir Dreams (Flickr) – blog post

Server Deployments Week 40 – recap

As always, please refer to the server deployment forum thread for the latest news and updates.

  • On Tuesday September 30th, the Main (SLS) channel received the server maintenance package previously deployed to the three primary RC channels (BlueSteel, Magnum and LeTigre), and which focuses on the Experience Tools project
  • On Wednesday October 1st, the three primary RC channels all received the same new server maintenance package which fixes a bug related to viewing parcel details in gaming regions.

The RC update was to fix BUG-7329 “RemoteParcelRequest cap returned by a skill gaming region does not exist (returns HTTP error code 404)”.  In the official viewer, this capability is mainly used to show parcel script info, but some TPVs use it to show the parcel_id of parcels as well.

SL Viewer

The new log-in screen RC viewer was updated to version on September 29th, although it didn’t appear on the Alternate Viewers wiki page until either September 30th or October 1st.

A new Maintenance RC entered the viewer release channel on Thursday October 2nd. Version contains around 40 updates focused on voice, privacy, rendering, texture animation, avatar distortion, inventory management, sounds, and mouselook in Mac, together with a scripting crash fix and multiple UI fixes in script editor, Pay flow, chat, stats floater, edit menu etc. See the release notes (linked-to above) for details.

CDN News

Speaking at the Server Beta Meeting on Thursday October 2nd, Maestro Linden confirmed that there are now 28 regions using the CDN service for texture and mesh asset data. A full list of regions is still not available, but among the new additions are Morris, Dore, Ahern, and Bonifacio.

These regions are all running on the Snack RC. There is unlike to be any wider deployment to a larger RC in week 41 (commencing Monday October 6th), as the Lab is still fine-tuning their gathering data. However, there are still a few slots left on Snack for those wishing to have their regions added to it. Requests should be sent to Note that regions should be those with a relatively high texture / mesh count,

The CDN service being used by the Lab is operated by Highwinds Network Group, which the Lab has also been using in support of server-side appearance.

Highwinds supply their CDN service to a broad range of businesses, including a number of games companies such as Valve (Steam), Funcom, Meteor Entertainment, GameFly and Virgin Gaming. They operate 25 centres around the world, with 11 in North America, seven in Europe, 4 in Asia, one in Australia and two in South America, over their own network infrastructure, which they call “RollingThunder”, which  peers with more than 1,600 provider networks worldwide and over 14,000 ASNs, and uses the anycast network addressing and routing methodology.

Highwinds data centres - click for full size, or see additional information on the centres and Highwinds PoPs here (image courtesy of Highwinds)
Highwinds data centres – click for full size, or see additional information via Highwinds here (image courtesy of Highwinds)

Group Chat

As I’ve previously reported, one of the biggest issues of chat delays in group chat sessions is to do with the numbers of updates the chat server has to send as people join / leave session and log-in / out of SL (which causes an update to their status in the group member’s list).

Some work has already been carried out in ways to reduce the volume of update messages being sent with the aim of lessening the impact they have on the flow of actually text messages, and Simon Linden is attempting to further refine this work, again with the agin of reducing the volume of update messages and their impact on group chat test messages.

The Server Beta User Group meeting on October 2nd saw a further test of his work in order for him to gather data on the effectiveness of these changes, and feedback on his findings will likely be given at one of the user group meetings next week.

3 thoughts on “SL project updates week 40/2: server, viewer, CDN news, group chat update

  1. \o/ CDN is coming
    CDN is in my view one of the most important improvements on a wide scale for LL and sure also SL. Even if it is not blinking and hidden under the hood.
    go CDN go!

    getting sunning fast ping times here now:
    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time=7ms TTL=58

    where direct pings to the SIM show over 20 times more
    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time=169ms TTL=54

    sure its not suitable to believe SL will be that factor faster or in all areas, but i say we will see a real noticeable improvement and distance will matter even less.


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