Avant Garden special SL performances

Following on the heels of Linden Lab, I recently blogged about Avant Garden, a mixed reality performance which took place at the Little Boxes Theatre in San Francisco on Wednesday August 20th.

The performance featured Kathleen Moore dancing on the stage at the theatre, with DanCoyote Antonelli (DC Spensley in the physical world) and the ZeroG SkyDancers performing via a large screen on the stage from Second Life.

At the time the performance was announced, it was indicated that there might be the opportunity for in-world performances, and on Tuesday August 26th, the Lab blogged that DanCoyote has indeed arranged two such special performances. These will take place as indicated on the poster, below, and those wishing to attend either one are asked to contact DanCoyote directly and request an invitation (hence no SLurl in the poster).

avant garden


One million and rising

SLCP-1I’ve been blogging since 2007; from then through 2009, it was purely a personal thing on Blogger (or was it Blogspot? Truth be told, I can’t remember now). In 2009 I moved everything to WordPress, but was still very much a sporadic blogger. It wasn’t until the middle of 2011 that I really started blogging “seriously” (and by that I mean making a conscious effort to regularly blog, and about things people might find interesting!).

WordPress provide their bloggers with a range of statistics, and through these I’ve tended to note certain events, such as hitting my 2,000th post in November 2013, (having taken three years to initially hit the 1,000 mark in August 2012, and I’m already fast approaching 3K posts). However, in poking at the stats page late on August 26th, 2014, I found I’d reached what (for me) is another milestone.

I’ve passed one million page views (by a thousand, in fact…)!

OK, so page views aren’t the same as visitors, but that’s still a figure which boggles my little brain. What’s more, it boggles it on all four cylinders, particularly given the vast majority of views have taken place in the  three years between January 2012 and today.


Out of curiosity, and allowing for the fact WordPress have only been providing figures on unique visitors since December 2012, I decided to try to average-out the approximate number of individual visits that one million represents. And, in rough terms, it seems to work out at 533,135, or 1.87 page views per visitor (well, the calculation actually worked out to 533,134.715, but I rounded whoever that .715 was to a whole person; my apologies if it happened to be a Tiny! 🙂 ). That’s another number which boggles my brain.

So, thank you to all of you who take the time to come read my ramblings, and to those of you who take the time to like and / or comment, and to all those who have subscribed. Your continued support really does mean a lot to me.