Tutsy Navarathna tops machinima section of WD’s Sci-Fi Challenge

If you had the power to choose to make a film in any time or place in the Universe – when or where would you choose? Another planet or perhaps another time or reality on Earth? Filmmakers, Animators and Machinimographers’ will have 30 days in November, to write, shoot, edit, produce and upload their creative masterpieces.

So read the opening piece for the WD Project Sci-Fi challenge, which I reported upon back in October 2013. As noted, filmmakers, animators and machinima makers were invited to spend 30 days from the 1st November 2013 through until the end of the month writing, shooting, editing and producing a sci-fi short, with a total of $10,000 Aus. in prize money for the winners.

The machinima section of the challenge was held in association with the University of Western Australia, and has $1,500 Aus. (L$230,000) on offer specifically for machinima films, with $750 Aus going to the 1st prize winner, and all machinima entrants additionally in with a chance to win any of the main prizes.

The results of the challenge were announced on December 22nd, and once again, Tutsy Navarathna tops-out the machinima winners with his piece, The Residents, a remarkable tale of worlds within worlds, and a clever twist involving SL.

Following hard on Tutsy’s heels and in 2nd place is the appropriately named (given the sci-fi theme of the challenge) Erythro Asimov, with his piece Looking Around.

The remaining winders in the machinima category comprise:

Centuries Past also won the UWA Centum Special Prize along with Misgiving by Glasz DeCuir.

All six prize-winning films can be seen on the UWA’s website, and a complete list of the challenge’s winners can be found on the Screen My Shorts Facebook site.

Congratulations to Tutsy, Erythro and all the winners.

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5 thoughts on “Tutsy Navarathna tops machinima section of WD’s Sci-Fi Challenge

    1. Fixed. That’s what comes of pulling stuff over from the official notification & not checking… oopsie!


  1. Second Life Machinima has had a dramatic upgrade these days both in content and video quality. I know of Tutsy and he/she is very talented and has a knack for merging SL and RL footage. Fuschia is a very talented artist and is very imaginative with her Machinima effort. Has some amazing art and avatar ideas not the norm. Both these artists think outside the box. The other films are aplenty with ideas as well. I was impressed with the efforts.


  2. whoops sorry my mistake on Gumbo. Inara, can please make an adjustment is should say “The machinima section of the challenge was held in association with the University of Western Australia…. instead of sponsored (a small but important point) 🙂 Was sponsored by WD (S.E Asia Ltd)


    1. Updated. I was under the impression from our conversation when the competition was announced that UWA were providing the additional machinima prize money pot. Doesn’t that qualify you as sponsoring – or at least co-sponsoring?


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