Speak again, bright angels: Romeo + Juliet winter season

Baz Luhrmann isn’t the only one to bring a contemporary beat to that most famous of tragic love stories of all times: Romeo and Juliet. Throughout most of 2013, The Basilique Performing Arts Company has been presenting its own unique re-imagining of Shakespeare’s tale of love, loss and tragedy.

Romeo + Juliet production poster (courtesy of Canary Beck)
Romeo + Juliet production poster (courtesy of Canary Beck)

Conceived, directed and narrated by Canary Beck, Romeo + Juliet presents the story of star-crossed lovers in an inspired mix of  renaissance-inspired sets, 1940s costumes, and contemporary music from the likes of Nat King Cole, Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman, Michael Buble, Jack Black, Carl Douglas, Moby, Duran Duran, The Indigo Girls, Queen and more. At two hours in length, the show is a veritable tour de force of the creative and collaborative capabilities of the Second Life platform, and sets new standard for presenting dramatic pieces within SL, combining dance, animations, voice-overs, dialogue and an unforgettable sound track.

The show is now into its winter season, and if you haven’t seen it yet, now is the time to set a date in your diary and make sure you get along to the Basilique Playhouse to see this extraordinary show for yourself.

Upcoming dates are as follows – all times SLT:

December 2013:

  • Sunday December 8th 12:00 noon
  • Saturday December 14th: 13:00

January 2014:

  • Sunday January 4th: 12:00 noon
  • Saturday January 11th: 13:00
  • Sunday January  19th: 13:00
  • Saturday January 25th: 12:00 noon

February 2014:

  • Saturday February 1st: 13:00
  • Saturday February 8th: 13:00
  • Friday February 14th: 13:00
The cast at a curtain-call (image courtesy of Strawberry Singh / Canary Besk)
The cast at a curtain-call (image courtesy of Strawberry Singh / Canary Besk)

Notes on Attending a Performance

Do note that the Basilique Playhouse is located on an Adult-rated region, and that age verification is required in order to teleport there. The show itself does not feature sex or nudity, although one scene does suggest sexual relations. All performances are free, but gratuities to the cast and crew are always appreciated.

In order to enjoy the performance to the fullest, it is recommended that audience members:

  • Remove unnecessary scripted attachments (hair, accessories, and shoes tend to be the worst offenders)
  • Turn off nametags and Look-ats
  • Wear mesh if possible
  • Keep local chatter and gestures between scenes only
  • Set the following in their viewers:

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