Looking for summer in Second Life

Earlier in the month, I noted how the weather here perhaps hasn’t received the memo about spring passing and summer arriving, something which prompted me to set off exploring SL in search of something to counterpoint the large number of summer-like snaps inhabiting my posts and Flickr stream. That hike led me – most happily – to Winter Moon, Dream Shadowcry’s beautiful and evocative homestead region.

Well, the weather here in RL has remained pretty bleah; if it’s not been raining, it’s been overcast and the wind less than polite. Up until today, that is, which has seen relatively clear blue skies, sunshine and the chance the lawns might actually dry-out sufficiently for me to get the mower out … tomorrow …

To celebrate, I set out to find the sun in Second Life, I found in Lula, Turnip Sorbet’s marvellous region and the home to her store, Turnip Homes, as well as Lamb and Tres Bleah (Mon Tissu having relocated to Mayfair).


Lula is another of those marvellous regions where care and attention has gone into presenting visitors with a warm and inviting experience which encourages them to stay, shop and wander. The main stores themselves are clustered, village-like, towards the centre of the region, which has been terraformed into a gently undulating landscape which merges with the green hills of a sim surround.

This is a beautiful rural / rustic scene, the colours of the buildings giving something of a Mediterranean feel to the village, the trees a mix of greens and browns suggesting the season might be late summer, although the young fawns, keeping close to their mother suggest the time might be early spring – so you can decide for yourself which season you prefer.


The village is small and easy to explore, an added touch of authenticity coming in the form of wooden board nailed over the entrance to the buildings which once house Mon Tissu, and there are places to sit and mark the passing of the day and paths to follow down from the village into the fields and glades surrounding it. Cross the river over the stone bridge and bear right, and you’ll come across a strange little tea party scene, complete with a dormouse nibbling away; not that the Alice reference might be intentional, although the armchair in the tree suggests someone as mad as hatter has some unusual thoughts on the subject of a “room with a view”.


Cross back over the river via a small wooden bridge and you’ll find the fawns and their mother I mentioned earlier and, as you wander on, other little points of interest and little whimsies to delight the eye as hot air balloons float overhead and offer further platforms to observe the passing world.

Were someone to ask me how to sum-up Lula, I’d probably use one word: carefree. This is a place where the worries and concerns of the outside world – virtual or otherwise – can be left at the teleport point and the heart, mind and eyes can wander and explore happily.


All-in-all a wonderful place to visit, be it for shopping or to simply enjoy the views.

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2 thoughts on “Looking for summer in Second Life

  1. It’s a truly beautiful sim; perhaps other shop owners and content creators should start reconsidering their attitudes regarding having an in-world presence or restricting things to marketplace only.


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