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Update: May 13th: The Linux version of RLV was updated by Kitttin Ninetails to version on Sunday May 12th, and is available here.

On Friday May 10th, 2013, Marine Kelley released the latest version of her standalone version of the Restrained Love Viewer (RLV) for Windows – RLV The release is the first update to RLV in 2013, and is based on LL’s 3.5.2 viewer code (, dated April 21st, 2013). As such, it brings RLV pretty much up-to-date with the majority of LL’s viewer-side updates and fixes.

Note that this article only applies to RLV for Windows, as supplied by Marine Kelley. The Linux and Mac versions supplied by Kittin Ninetails remain at version

Communications Hub User Interface

With this release, RLV now uses the Communications Hub User Interface (CHUI) and the standard means of managing chat and IMs, together with the majority of fixes and updates made to CHUI through recent development and beta updates.

RLV includes CHUI for managing communications
RLV includes CHUI for managing communications

Server-side Baking / Appearance

Despite no mention being made of it in the release notes, version of RLV appears to also include viewer-side support for the upcoming deployment of Server-side Baking to the main grid.

To confirm this, as I was somewhat surprised that the release notes failed to make mention of any support, I dropped into the SSB/A test regions on Aditi to see how my avatar would render to others, and they would render to me when using the viewer. With the aid of my Crash Test Alt, all appeared to be fine.

Server-side baking: my avatar and Crash Test Alt as seen through RLV (l) and through another SSB-capable viewer (r). Both render correctly; no greying or ghosting
Server-side baking: my avatar and Crash Test Alt as seen through RLV (l) and through another SSB-capable viewer (r). Both render correctly; no greying or ghosting

I also didn’t encounter any issues in changing / re-ordering outfits which others have reported as encountering recently (although I admittedly have  – perhaps fortunately – yet to encounter any issues of this type while using any SSB/A-enabled viewer).

Other Updates and Fixes

Marine provides a list of additional updates and fixes:


  • Camera focus is no longer lost when clicking on an in-world object. To change camera focus, right-click on your avatar, press Escape or focus on something else
  • Viewer allows moving an item or a folder from a locked folder to another locked folder (prevent only from locked to unlocked and from unlocked to locked)
  • Viewer does not expect the user to press Enter before chatting while in Mouselook, since they don’t have to when in 3rd person view
  • Viewer does not automatically rename folders or items in the inventory unless “RestrainedLoveAutomaticRenameItems” is set to TRUE (it is FALSE by default). This is no longer necessary since the viewer no longer needs to figure out whether or not it will kick a locked object because it now Adds by default now.


  • It is no longer possible to drag and drop an item from an object in-world directly into  inventory, regardless of RLV attach restrictions
  • It is no longer possible to wear rezzed items by right-clicking on them in-world and selecting “attach to”, even when @unsharedwear was active
  • It is now possible to hide the UI when unable to rez
  • It is no longer possible to create new pieces of clothing regardless of RLV outfit restrictions
  • The Control key wouldn’t work in Mouselook. Fixing this removes the ability to control the speed of the mouse view while holding Control, but Shift already does something similar.

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    1. Is it the download you can’t find, or did you actually install it?

      If the latter, you’ll need to navigate to the installation folder (generally C:\Program Files\RLV) and double-click the RestrainedLoveViewer.EXE file to start the viewer. There is also a shortcut there you can drag to your desktop.


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