“Welcome to the Baja California, such a lovely place …”

OK, so maybe the Eagles didn’t sing it quite that way, but Baja Norte, modelled on the northern Baja California coast is an eye-catching place to visit and for some reason did cause the Eagle’s song to pop into my head; possibly because at the end of my explorations, I didn’t want to leave…

The region wasn’t actually on my current list of places to visit, but I do keep an eye on the Destination Guide from time to time to see what is going on, and I was curious to note that the number of Photogenic Spots had increased by one at some point recently. Delving a little deeper into the listing saw my curiosity increase as I read the description of Baja Norte and saw the photo, and so off I toddled to take a look.

Baja Norte
Baja Norte

I don’t really tend to be one for the beach, either in RL or SL; in RL a beach-focused holiday / vacation leaves me cold. I much prefer going somewhere and exploring – which might explain my rambles across Second Life as well. However, with Baja Norte, Jac Mornington has created something very special.

Here one will find three islands, the largest of which could easily have been lifted from a section of rugged coastline anywhere in the world and dropped neatly into SL. Two houses can be found here – one rather ramshackle and weather-worn – and a small quay for sailing boats. A long beach follows the line of the island on its western side, offering panoramic views out to sea and past the lighthouse on the smallest of the islands, as an old fishing boat chugs across the horizon.

Baja Norte
Baja Norte

From the arrival point, one can stroll along the sand, or follow the board walks (yet again, Alex Bader’s presence is felt!) around the island or inland – and upward – to the house on the hill. Walk far enough around the northern headland and you’ll find another set of wooden steps leading upwards to the top of the cliffs above.

The remaining island in the region is also reached by a board walk which spans a stretch of sea and from which some magnificent views along the beach can be obtained. On the island itself are places to sit (and cuddle) with a friend or loved one, and a tree platform to reach via ladder and rope.

Once again, this is a wonderful region in which to twiddle with windlight, particularly if you’re into photography and love sunsets. There is a lot of wildlife scattered around the region as well, which can make for interesting snapshot subjects (and I’m not talking about the avatar variety who might be availing themselves of the various cuddle spots!).

Baja Norte
Baja Norte

If I’m totally honest, the waves in the bay don’t really work for me, but this is purely a personal thing, and their timing is such that they can easily be avoided if you don’t want them in your pictures. They certainly don’t detract from the overall visual appeal of the region, which has clearly been developed with a keen eye for detail and with some very imaginative sculpting of the land which draws one in very naturally, presenting an environment which is both attractive and which welcomes both the explorers and those content to sit and watch the world tick by.

Baja Norte
Baja Norte

Definitely one for the album  – and the landmark folder!

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