SL project news week 6 (2): server deployment updates

Server Deployments – Week 6

The planned server deployments for week 6 occurred as anticipated:

  • On Tuesday 5th February, the Main channel received the server maintenance project deployed to LeTigre in week 5. This has miscellaneous minor bug fixes and new features – release notes
  • On Wednesday 6th February, the RC channels received the following:
    • BlueSteel: code for materials processing (project viewer still pending) – release notes
    • LeTigre: a new maint-server project to fix miscellaneous crash modes, and with minor performance improvements – release notes
    • Magnum: interest list code update to specifically address the bot / bandwidth problem reported on in last week’s update and also support for materials processing – release notes

Server Deployments – week 7

There is no advanced news on potential deployment for the week commencing Monday 11th February, 2013.

SL Viewer Updates

The beta viewer was updated on February 6th with the release of Please refer to the release notes for details of all changes and updates. The CHUI project development viewer also updated to on February 6th.

Updates – Issues and Other Bits

Bot / Bandwidth Issues

Speaking at the Server Beta user group meeting on Thursday February 7th, Maestro Linden indicated the ongoing bot / bandwidth issue related to the interest list code and as pointed to by Latif Khalifa and confirmed by Andrew Linden (reported in more detail here), appears to have been resolved. Commenting on the bug fix in the server deployment thread, Triple Peccable, who was one of those being badly impacted by the problem, comments:

Maestro and Andrew,

I wanted to report on the bot’s usage. Fixed!

Before this incident the bot’s “normal” usage was 5 MB / hr. That is so normal no one would suspect anything.

But now it is 1 MB / hr! It has never been that low before, ever.

The improvement might be from the interest list changes, but since the bot is parked 3300m up with a very limited draw distance, I think it is from this UDP bug fix, and will help with more than just bots. :smileyhappy:.

Estate Ban Issues

Two issues have been reported in relation to estate bans recently.

One is the use of LSL commands for estate moderation, as mentioned in the second part of my report for week 5. While it is not clear how widespread the issue is (the reports received so far appear to relate to four regions), it had been hoped that the code deployment to LeTigre might have fixed the problem, but tests with an affected region move to LeTigre showed this was not the case. However, Maestro Linden believes LL may have a match between the issue and a bug that was filed internally after  crash report fingerprints were browsed, so investigations are liable to continue.

In the second, Whirly Fizzle has reported an issue with the “GTFO” ban feature in Phoenix. While this adds the banned individual’s name to the banlist for an estate, the individual isn’t actually barred from accessing the estate. As such, it is thought that this issue might contribute to recent problems in people apparently circumventing estate bans, and is something which will not be rectified by the estate ban improvements currently being deployed by LL, as it is an issue within the Phoenix viewer code itself.

Region Crashes on Restarts

In addition to the restart performance issues related to physics memory use previously reported and updated in part 1 of this report, some regions are experiencing issues with the physics engine during a restart, with all scripting capabilities being disabled as the physics engine is overloaded. Scripting must then be re-enabled by the region owner / estate managers. A fix for this is being worked on, and should be available soon.

Vanishing Regions

Following the week 5 deployments, Alvid Majestic contacted me concerning issues with regions diagonally opposite Brocade, on the Mainland, failing to render in the viewer’s world view, and would not render until such time as a person moved into one of the regions immediately adjacent to it / moved into it.

Missing regions: Mullein and (beyond it) Ear fail to render from Brocade, which sits diagonally opposite them
Missing regions: Mullein and (beyond it) Ear fail to render from Brocade, which sits diagonally opposite them

This is not a new issue, having previously been reported in SVC-8130, although there was some confusion as to whether or not it had been resolved. Commenting on it in general at the Server Beta User Group meeting, Maestro Linden informed me, “It’s somewhat rare, but it was never officially fixed.”  As the JIRA is closed to comment, Shug Maitland has raised a forum thread on matter, so if you are witnessing the same issue on an ongoing basis, consider adding your comments there as well as raising reports.

Region Crossings

There has been mixed feedback to the results of the deployment of the new region crossing code across Agni.

Regular commentator on this blog, Wolf Baginski Bearsfoot has put together a report on his findings in the SL Server sub-forum, which builds on his initial impressions posted in this blog.

Some feedback given through the User Groups suggest that in some instances region crossings – such as with sailing – are improved, and at the Simulator User Group meeting on Tuesday 5th February, Simon Linden indicated LL were seeing fewer instances of stuck teleports.However, there have also been reports passed through the Server Beta group of automated cars on the Mainland encountering problems at region crossings while following Linden Roads and piling-up at the boundaries of regions such as Furness to Ravenglass, although instances appear to have calmed down. More updates on this as they come.

5 thoughts on “SL project news week 6 (2): server deployment updates

  1. I’m not clear on what Maestro Linden was indicating with, “It’s somewhat rare, but it was never officially fixed.” If it’s the disappearing regions, it’s not rare at all.


    1. I think he’s referring to the most recent incidents being “rare”. However, there seems to be general confusion as to what is happening. When I spoke to Simon on the matter, he was fairly convinced that a recent server-side release had resolved the issue. It’s also been suggested that the most recent problems are similar to those previously reported, but the result of a different cause.


      1. I went to a premier sandbox last night and found the problem to be about as bad as I can recall. The mini-map also continues to not see the missing sims. As a lay person, it seems that the regions that can’t be seen or are idle, but when I log off and relog, often the regions come awake. I can understand why there’s confusion.


        1. hmmm… I didn’t notice the Mini-map issue when visiting Brocade (checked both the Mini and world maps) – so that might further add to confusion in pinning-down underlying reasons. It’ll be interesting to compare rgions where this occurs to see if the “absent” regions are on a different release channel from the one from which they are not being seen (and if it is the same RC). Brocade, for eample is on the Main (or SLS channel), and the offending regions to the SE of it are on LeTigre…


          1. I think you are right about how the anomoly is different from region to region. I believe SLNE still has Pathfinder functions turned off, I wonder if settings like that make a difference?


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