Nyx confirms SSB load test

Nyx Linden has sent out an e-mail confirming the Server-side baking load test scheduled for Thursday 21st February, and which I’ve posted about on a couple of occasions recently.

The e-mail reads in full:

Nyx Linden - SSB load test call
Nyx Linden – SSB load test call

Greetings all,

In preparation for rolling out server-side avatar appearance, we’ll be running a short test tomorrow afternoon. If you are available, or know someone who is, please come to the server user group (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Server_Beta_User_Group) with the latest sunshine viewer (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Project_Sunshine-Server_Side_Appearance  version number 270409). We will run the test after the server meeting, for those able to stick around. You will need several outfits that your avatar can switch between and will do so both on the old system and the new system. Also please clear your cache before attending.

Please use our latest viewer as it has additional statistics gathering code that will allow us to calculate load patterns and measure the improvements expected for later releases.

Let me know if there are any questions!

Nyx Linden

If you are interested in participating, please check my report on the test announcement, which outlines the aim of the test, what is likely to be taking place, and what is required.

You should check your ability to log-into Aditi well in advance of the test, and confirm you have a number of outfits (preferably with multiple layers) in your Aditi inventory.

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