Server roll-outs w/c 30th July

Oskar has issued a notification of the planned server roll-outs for this week. As they currently stand, the roll-out will comprise:

Main Channel: Sever release – Tuesday 31st July

This should see a further roll-out of the LSL functions related to the Advanced Creator Tools. This release will see the addition of three new LSL functions:

These new LSL functions work with the current runtime permissions system, and are precursor to future work with experience permissions. More information about the runtime permission is here:PERMISSION_TELEPORT.

This is a roll-out of the code deployed to LeTigre and BlueSteel last week. As with both of those channels last week, the code will be enabled on the main channel regions following the deploy (although LL retain the capability to disable it).

Magnum RC: Further Pathfinding Roll-out – Wednesday August 1st

Roll-out due to commence: 07:00 SLT

A further roll-out of the server-side pathfinding code, with fixes. Currently the wiki notes for this channel appear to be stalled on the release.

Note that the viewer-side pathfinding tools are now available in the latest Development Viewer.

BlueSteel RC – Wednesday August 1st

Re-start due to commence: 08:30 SLT

There are no changes to this channel. It will have the same code as the main channel.

LeTigre RC: Infrastructure Project update – Wednesday August 1st

Roll-out due to commence: 09:30 SLT

Oskar comments: “This channel will have an infrastructure project that has no intentional changes to existing behaviour. There are perhaps unintentional changes to existing behaviour. If you find some please let us know!”

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