Make it so, Number One: the SL SF Convention

All of the major SF franchises are represented across the regions – Star Trek, Babylon 5, Doctor Who, BSG, Tron, Stargate, Star Wars … with Trek, perhaps unsurprisingly, seeming to have the largest representation, including a very nice retrospective that takes the form of photos covering the entire Trek era, from Jeffrey  Hunter’s Captain Pike through to JJ Abram’s 2009 franchise reboot on the big screen.

Trek retrospective – and more

Outside of the main stage in the North region, the major events locations can be found on the South region. Here you can participate in games such as The Wheel of Fandom and join-in other activities at the Pegasus Events Room. Also located here is the Alpha Quadrant Event Room and Merciless Ming’s club, venue for live entertainment.

There are some empty parcels in the regions – which were a shame to come across, but overall, there is a lot to see here, especially for those into SF, and plenty to enjoy. After the hustle and sheer size of SL9B, SLSFC5 represents a nice change of pace and an opportunity to support RFL – kiosks are spread throughout all the sims and there are a number of parcels dedicated to the ACS and SFL as well.

Weekend Events Summary

All times SLT, activities contain SLurls, where available.

Friday June 29th:

Saturday June 30th

Sunday July 1st

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