Exodus Viewer team seek photographers and machinimists

As well as working on the next release of Exodus and rolling out a series of nightly builds, the Exodus team are also staging an exhibit at this year’s SL9B celebrations – and they need help from their users!

In asking for my help in putting out the call for assistance, Geenz Spad explained the situation thus, “Basically, we’re setting up a  Made in Exodus exhibit for photographers and machinimists where they’ll have a chance to show people what they’ve got.”

Exodus at SL9B

The team is looking for three things from photographers:

  • Samples of their work, preferably taken using Exodus’ HDR features
  • A statement on why they use Exodus and how its features benefit them in their work
  • A logo for their establishment (if appropriate).

For machinimatographers, the team needs:

  • A URL to the video (shot using Exodus) they’d like showcased
  • A statement on why they use Exodus for their work, and how its features benefit them when filming
  • A logo for their establishment (if appropriate).

Submissions containing the required information should be made to Geenz Spad, either in-world via IM or notecard, or via e-mail to: geenz-at-exodusviewer.com.

6 thoughts on “Exodus Viewer team seek photographers and machinimists

  1. Oh COOL you posted on it… I totally spaced after talking to him this week and posting that tweet.

    Thank you thank you thank you!



  2. I’m a photographer, and I boycott Exodus. I have personal and public reasons for this, one of my public reasons is that HDR breaks the color of transparent+glowing objects (orange gets red? O.o) as well as the interface.


    1. For the former, you could have at least filed a bug report. I will personally investigate any graphical glitches that are reported.


    2. I’m really struggling trying to reproduce this breakage raised, could you give the information to reproduce this breakage, please?


      1. Folks,

        With respect, this blog isn’t the place for in-depth technical discussions on Viewer issues.

        This article is about photographers & machinimist being able to show their work as a part of the Exodus display at SL9B, and I would ask that comments are kept to that subject.

        Tarnix, I’m forwarding your latest comment on the issue (which was halted by my spam filter due to the number of links contained – valid though they may be for the problem) directly to the Exodus team. There is also a means to post issues on nightly builds on the Exodus website, as indicated in both their blog and in my article on nightly builds.


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